How we guided Inventive Designers towards a SaaS success story

How we guided Inventive Designers towards a SaaS success story

Inventive Designers was looking for a partner to make their SaaS Platform a success. Skyscrapers integrated with their development team to ensure scalability, agility and speed.

The customer

Inventive Designers has been working with Skyscrapers since 2015. They are mostly known for its software platform Scriptura Engage. It is used by customers in more than 32 countries to optimize their customer-interactions across all channels: paper, email, social media, sms, etc. Today Scriptura Engage supports more than 4.5 million communications daily. The company was founded in 1994 and today employs around 60 employees.

The challenge

Until last year Proximus field salespeople worked with paper contracts. They sought the help from Inventive Designers to digitise this process. Now the salespeople enter everything on a tablet resulting into better data and a full integration with the backoffice.

This solution is based on the SaaS platform offered by Inventive Designers. By following a cloud first strategy all new components are cloud-native out of the box. Building the platform on Amazon Web Services was the right choice. This ensured the requirements for scalability, agility and speed could be easily met.

Inventive Designers had difficulty finding the necessary expertise and hands-on experience to build, manage and evolve such a platform in the public cloud. They went looking for a knowledgeable partner that shared their values and vision.

We selected Skyscrapers because they have the knowledge, the experience and can also guide us with everything cloud related. And especially because their values correspond with our values.

Klaas Bals, CTO/CEO Inventive Designers

Why Skyscrapers

Inventive Designers chose Skyscrapers because they felt we had the necessary knowledge and experience to help guide them through the implementation of their cloud first vision. Even more important in this choice was the clear match in values between both companies.

The cooperation originally started out with a consulting track. Regular whiteboard sessions helped shape the the cloud architecture of the SaaS applications.

Eventually the cooperation evolved into a full-fledged partnership where there is now a true DevOps cooperation. There is communication and cooperation on a daily basis where our cloud & ops team shares responsibilities and knowledge, implements new cloud platforms and supports daily operations.

In the end I can speak of a success story. Because the cooperation is a mix of professionalism, flexibility and a can-do-attitude.

Marc Suarez Reyero, Quality Manager Proximus

The results

The Skyscrapers cloud team is really a part of the development team.

  • The cooperation leads to reliable 24/7 operations and faster resolving of production-issues.
  • Product agility has increased thanks to reusability of technology, use of best-practices around cloud orchestration and the direct access to the full knowledge of Skyscrapers
  • Ongoing introduction of more modern application paradigms such as serverless applications and containerisation

Thanks to Skyscrapers Inventive Designers is able to execute their cloud first strategy leading to the success of their customers like Proximus.

Note: Since 9 May, 2017 Jim Verbist has taken over the role of CEO and David Geleyn that of CTO. Klaas Bals remains active as shareholder and director. More information here on the Scriptura webpage