Providing a future-proof and scalable platform for Skylegs

Skylegs customers story for Skyscrapers
AWS, Cloud, DevOps, Kubernetes

CASE: Skylegs

Skylegs offers a complete aviation business management platform as a SaaS for aircraft operators. Based out of Belgium, Skylegs markets the solution to the whole world.

The focus of the CTO is on delivering a highly-customisable solution that follows the ever-evolving world of aviation regulation and compliance. The small but agile development team works in a remote-hybrid model.

Since Skyscrapers stepped in to help us on our platform, we are able to focus our own resources better at what we are doing best.” – Harald Denolf, COO Skylegs


The Challenge

Skylegs software was becoming a critical element for more and more aircraft operators around the globe. Since more and more users were using the platform at the same time they needed to cope with the peak usage.

Ensuring system availability and the need to innovate faster and shift to cloud-native application architecture brought them to Skyscrapers. Together we lay the groundwork for a stable and secure cloud environment that fulfilled their ambitions.

Skyscrapers has the philosophy that says ‘we will not do it for you we will help you do it’ This helps you really understand the layers you are working in together.” – Pieter De Moor, CTO Skylegs


Why Skyscrapers

Looking for a local partner that could provide the right technologies and expertise led Skylegs to Skyscrapers. Skyscraper’s platform engineering approach and mature DevOps best practices was exactly what the Skylegs team needed.

Under an DevOps-as-a-Service cooperation Skyscrapers implemented a developer platform using Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services. It is built to meet the aviation industry requirements on security and to be very reliable . Skyscrapers manages the AWS layer and Kubernetes platform, complemented with guiding the development team.

This allows Skylegs to focus on what counts, creating business value, supported by a strong foundation in terms of data compliance and security.


The results

  • Mature and the RIGHT best-of-breed technologies
  • Ongoing sharing of knowledge and expertise
  • Guidance and advice for the development team whenever new challenges pop-up
  • Standardised Developer Platform based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Unified infrastructure overview with Kubernetes
  • Stable, reliable and secure cloud platform that helps with compliance
  • Solid foundation for accelerated development of product features
  • Focus of the development team on creating business value