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DevOps-as-a-Service In A Nutshell

Focus building your SaaS business and let us take care of the Developer Platform, supporting your developers and taking care of Platform operations, all without the hassle of having to build your own DevOps or Platform team.

What's Included

Developer Platform

We build, maintain and evolve your Developer Platforms.

Developer Support

Your developers can get the support they need.


Reliability and

Benefits Of Working With Skyscrapers

  • SaaS expertise and focus  so we really understand your challenges, needs and business. 
  • Shared service model  leverages experience and expertise gained across multiple customers, benefitting all.
  • Affordable, scalable and predictable pricing that aligns with your team evolution and is optimised compared to build-your-own-team.
  • Dependable DevOps team without the pains of building and managing your own team.
  • Focus your attention and that of your developers on what matters most: developing your product(s)

Areas Of Expertise

To give you a taste of what we cover and have expertise on:



Years of DevOps experience


Managed Developer platforms


Developers supported

We Plug Into Existing Organisations

Thanks to our adaptable and scalable service model, we can work with your digital team(s) regardless of size, team structure or whether you have or don’t have DevOps skills. We work for startups with 2 developers all the way up to scale-ups with multiple dev teams and their own DevOps team (that we give super powers). We bring value to everybody using the platform.

DevOps-as-a-service by Skycrapers

How We Engage

We start the cooperation in distinct phases, ensuring a low-risk progression towards a successful collaboration.


Short, fixed price project.

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Compare To Other Options

As you scale, a crucial decision arises sooner rather than later: invest in building an in-house DevOps and Platform team or opt for outsourcing? 

In-house developers combining product development with DevOps work tend to lose focus. This often affects quality of the product as well as the product velocity.

Transparent Pricing

DevOps-as-a-Service  pricing is predictable and scales along with your team growth. 

Compared to building your own team with comparable maturity and capabilities, our cost will be lower.


€2.000 /mo

Pricing is calculated based on these parameters:


Let's talk

Every company and environment is unique. Reach out to us to discuss your specific situation and we’ll be happy to create a customised offering for you.