Helping our customers towards a Cloud Native world.

We partner with your development team in building and operating solutions based on Open Source, Amazon Web Services , Containers and Serverless technologies.

Our services


Think of this as your own Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team. We enable a reliable and scalable cloud platform that speeds up innovation and allows more focus for your development team(s).

You get access to all of our technology: we'll deploy our Reference Solutions for you and keep working on making it better. We take care of the operations of the platform, like reliable applications, fast 24/7 response to issues and usage support. Eventually, your team will get even smarter: you’ll gain get access to on-tap support, expertise and guidance around Cloud and Cloud Native concepts, architectures & technologies available in our whole team.


  • Focus on the development of your application and business.
  • Scalable: solution that can follow the evolution of your company
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Predictable: a fixed monthly budget based on SLA, team-size and technologies

Turn-Key solution

Don't want to invest time in figuring out the right technologies, how to fit them together and how to get them running? Do not despair, we’ll have this figured out for you with our Reference Solutions that we make available in a turn-key solution: build, train and hand-over.

In a relatively short amount of time we roll-out a full cloud platform, based on the latest version of our Reference Solutions. We get your team trained so they can take over operations and maintenance of the platform. Eventually we hand over the keys so they can take it further and your company can continue its growth.


  • Effective: a proven and reliable cloud platform with end-to-end functionality in a short timespan.
  • Focus: No time wasted on figuring out technologies, integration and best-practices.
  • Control: You’ll get full control over the technology after hand-over
  • Predictable: Fixed price project

Consulting & Training

Just want to pick our brains or have some well scoped, specific challenges you’d like some help with? Want to get up to speed with a piece of technology or concept quickly, or just want to get something done well? Consulting & Training might be the perfect solution to fit your needs.

Our whole team combined offers plenty of knowledge on all topics such as cloud, devops, containers, cloud native, serverless, etc. (See expertise).

Depending on your demand, we make this expertise and experience available through assessments, workshops, on-demand consulting and training.


  • Frictionless: engage with us in a simple and low-threshold way
  • Direct value: you get exactly the expertise you need at that moment
  • Flexible: Fixed price or time & material based

Building blocks

Our expertise

Our team combined has many years of experience. It's a constant focus of the company to keep growing that knowledge. A lot of this expertise is directly applied in the solutions we build. We also like to share this knowledge, to make the teams we work with even smarter.

  • Cloud Native architectures & Technologies: Kubernetes, AWS Lambda, Docker, AWS ECS, etc
  • Deployment models and Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): ConcourseCI, processes, etc
  • Public cloud: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure,
  • Cloud operations: logging, monitoring, backups, etc
  • Security: cloud security, etcCore technologies like Terraform, Puppet, Linux, Docker, etc

Reference Solutions (Kubernetes)

Reinventing the wheel all the time seems wasteful and ineffective. That's why we've bundled our insights, industry best practices and best-of-breed technologies into Reference Solutions. Consider them continuously evolving blueprints that our customers can put to work right away.

  • Built on Kubernetes
  • Integrated with best-of-breed Open Source components like Concourse CI, Vault, Prometheus, ElasticSearch/Kibana, etc.
  • Self-service to developers a.k.a. GitOps
  • Supports a mature DevOps practice: It includes everything from monitoring to CI/CD, from secrets management to logging
  • Fully tested, maintained and documented.

Operational organisation

Being in the hosting business for more than 20 years means we are really, really comfortable doing operations. Over time we've developed all the processes, tools and skills that allow us to provide reliable operations. Now you can rely on these so you can sleep better as well.

  • Monitoring and reaction to first line response to platform issues 24/7 on-call rotation for high priority issues
  • Developer support through GitHub and Slack
  • Proactive operational advice and guidance


Great technologies for building great things

Over the years we have carefully selected the tools and technologies that are up to the job.

This is only a sample of a broader set we use for things like container orchestration, infrastructure-as-code, monitoring, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), public cloud orchestration, monitoring, and so on.

We don't just consume Open Source, but we also give back.