Skyscrapers Reference Developer Platform for SaaS

Don’t reinvent the wheel and accelerate your developers by deploying your SaaS workloads on a
proven, scalable and reliable developer cloud platform based on Amazon Web Services and Kubernetes.

Why You Should Consider A Developer Platform

A developer platform is a pre-integrated set of cloud services, open-source technologies, best practices and predetermined standards (golden paths). It is delivered and managed by the Skyscrapers Platform team. It covers most common cloud and DevOps needs developers face during the SaaS application lifecycle.

The benefits are clear:

The Developer Platform offered by Skyscrapers is really your own Internal Developer Platform (IDP).

SaaS application lifecycle

Advantages Of The Skyscrapers Approach

From day 1 get direct access to years of building and managing cloud and developer platforms for many SaaS teams.

Throughout the years we’ve learnt a lot about best-practices, architectural patterns, technologies, etc. All of that experience is distilled into the Reference Developer Platform for SaaS. 

It keeps on evolving and improving even further as we gain more customers and experience.

You don’t have to do anything except build and deploy your workloads.


Scalable & Reliable

The Skyscrapers RDP supports startups with a few workloads and a single database to established ISVs running 100’s of services with associated cloud resources.  

Integrated best practices

We’ve integrated all DevOps best practices and golden paths that are typical to SaaS workloads into a single platform.

Customisable to your needs

No SaaS workload is the same. That’s why we customise and adapt the Developer Cloud Platform to fit your needs.

Developer friendly & self-service

Our main focus is on enabling developers through self-service and lowering friction.

No Lock In

The Developer Platform is the foundation of your business. You should always be able to continue, even without us.


We stay on top of the platform technology landscape, so you don’t have to and can focus on what matters: your product.

The Skyscrapers Reference Developer Platform for SaaS
powers many successful SaaS companies today.

Architecture And Technologies

The Skyscrapers Reference Developer Platform integrates a wide range of best-of-breed and industry standard open-source technologies and cloud services.

An overview of the most important ones:

Developer Cloud Platform for SaaS by Skyscrapers

State-Of-The-Art Platform Practices


The deployment and management of the environments we manage is highly automated using GitOps, making our work efficient and repeatable.

Infrastructure -as-Code

All cloud and technology components are controlled by Infrastructure-as-Code ensuring consistent and versioned environments.

Cloud Resources

We support and can manage a wide range of AWS cloud services as part of the platform.

AWS Well Architected

Our platforms follow AWS best practices and Well Architected principles.


You can move beyond the reference technologies we’ve selected, ensuring you have all the capabilities you need.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for more answers. 

Works With What You Have

Get Transparent Pricing

The Skyscrapers Reference Developer Platform for SaaS is offered as part of our DevOps-as-a-Service. This way, you can gain immediate access to the best DevOps experience tailored to your needs.


€2.000 /mo

Pricing is calculated based on these parameters:


Let's talk

Every company and environment is unique. Reach out to us to discuss your specific situation and we’ll be happy to create a customised offering for you.