Creating a solid partnership to support Halito!’s growth

AWS, Cloud, DevOps, Kubernetes

CASE: Halito!

Halito! offers organizations and event professionals a SaaS solution that supports them in the organization of corporate events. The solution is marketed in the whole of Europe and the HQ is in Belgium.

A small but capable development team develops the platform using agile principles. The focus is on short turnaround times, on customer feature requests, strong integration of customer feedback and maximing reliability.

It’s a very credible story to be able to say that you don’t master everything yourself but you work together with a specific partner who has that specific knowledge you need.” – Bart Van Zele, CEO Halito!*


The Challenge

Missing the right hosting expertise and looking to expand both within Belgium, the Benelux and in Europe, Halito! was looking for a solid partnership to support their growing ambitions. Creating event sites it’s important for Halito! those are continuously up and running, fast. When making structural changes, deploying new code and so on,.. Halito! needed to be sure that the code written locally responds the same way on the cloud platform.

Skyscrapers introduced a solution with Kubernetes based on AWS EKS, complemented with DevOps-as-a-Service. This way Skyscrapers made sure that the settings on the local environment are very close to the production environment.

Working with Skyscrapers, we also get a lot of know-how in house and at any time of the day they can help us with practical, technical, problems or urgent interventions, this really helps us move forward.” – Dieter Pollier, Lead Developer Halito!


Why Skyscrapers

The lack of in-house knowledge and resources regarding cloud infrastructure led Halito! to Skyscrapers. The DevOps-as-a-Service collaboration with Skyscrapers allows their team to focus on the development of the product.

In Skyscrapers they found a reliable partner to complement their team and provide support and advice throughout.

Together we continue to constantly challenge ourselves in the search for new answers, new technological solutions, new innovations that in the end benefit the customer.


The results

  • Ongoing sharing of knowledge and expertise
  • Guidance and advice for the development team whenever new challenges pop up
  • Standardised Developer Platform based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Kubernetes
  • Stable, reliable and secure cloud platform that helps achieve ISO27001 compliance
  • Increased monitoring and observability for developers
  • Solid foundation for accelerated development of product features
  • Focus of the development team on creating business value