Bringing the Optimy team peace of mind and focus

Skyscrapers bringing the Optimy team peace of mind and focus
DevOps, Kubernetes

CASE: Optimy

Optimy, European leader on social impact platforms, provides an all-in-one software solution for organizations to streamline their grants, volunteering, donations and sponsorship activities. Their goal? Bringing more value to their customers than before by improving their Social Impact Platform offering.

“As a CTO not having to worry about infrastructure is priceless, I can dedicate much more time to bringing value to our customers than before.” – Olivier Stiévenart, CTO Optimy


The Challenge

Looking to expand and improve their software offering in a secure and scalable cloud environment, Optimy was looking for a solid partnership. Whenever the limit of their Kubernetes or infrastructure knowledge was reached, Optimy was held back from further developing their software offering. Making structural changes, deploying new code and creating new applications requires the right expertise of Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure. Skyscrapers introduced a solution with Kubernetes based on AWS EKS, complemented with DevOps-as-a-Service. This brought the peace of mind they were looking for to grow and scale further.

“Skyscrapers has a smart approach because they offer a single reference solution, built on top of AWS EKS. We were already used to Kubernetes, so it was quite natural for us to migrate to manage Kubernetes on AWS EKS.” – Quentin Delcourt, Lead Software Engineer Optimy


Why Skyscrapers

The lack of in-house knowledge and resources regarding Kubernetes and infrastructure led Optimy to Skyscrapers. Optimy was looking for a reliable partner to complement their development and operations and provide guidance and advice throughout.

“What we like the most with our collaboration with Skyscrapers, is that at any time of the day we can communicate with them, ask questions or count on an intervention and there will always be a quick, detailed response.” – Quentin Delcourt, Lead Software Engineer Optimy

Since Optimy was already using Kubernetes, Skyscrapers provided a single reference solution, built on top of AWS EKS. The DevOps-as-a-Service collaboration with Skyscrapers allows Optimy to focus on their area of expertise. Adding features to their solution and maintaining it, really focusing on development.


The results

  • A go-to partner for sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Guidance and advice for the development team throughout
  • Unified infrastructure overview with Kubernetes
  • Stable and secure cloud platform
  • Increased focus on data monitoring and maintenance in the cloud
  • Foundation for accelerated growth and development