DevOps and the right Cloud Expertise provide Jane focus

Skyscrapers brings focus to Jane because of DevOps and the right Cloud Expertise.
Cloud, DevOps, Kubernetes

CASE: Jane

Jane is a start-up born out of a collaboration between Belfius Insurance and BCG Digital Ventures that aims to use sensor data to rediscover elder care via smart pattern and motion recognition in order to redefine the landscape for elders. Together with Skyscrapers they’re able to collect and process all the sensor data in a safe and structured way.

“I think one of the biggest advantages is that we can use the expertise of Skyscrapers, to keep our infrastructure away from us, so that we can focus on the core of our business.” – Evert Van Cauwenbergh, CTO Jane.


The Challenge

In order to map patterns and motion detection of the elderly’s habits as clearly as possible, all incoming data must be processed as efficiently as possible. To meet that goal, Jane needed expertise around DevOps and cloud infrastructure. With its wide expertise and experience, Skyscrapers proposed their Reference Solution for SaaS based on DevOps best-practices and Kubernetes. This approach brought clarity and focus to Jane.

“Since we don’t have our own DevOps team or DevOps engineer at Jane, Skyscrapers and their way of working connects 1 to 1 in the development of our solution. This is by transferring and aligning their expertise on infrastructure and cloud services within our engineering team, so that the know-how and knowledge can be shared.” – Evert Van Cauwenbergh, CTO Jane.


Why Skyscrapers

Jane was looking for a partner who not only had the expertise they lacked in-house, but one who could respond quickly to their questions and needs. Someone who understands what needs to be done and immediately knows how to do it. Skyscraper’s knowledge of DevOps, cloud infrastructure and security in combination with their work ethic was exactly what Jane needed.

“We chose to work with Skyscrapers because they were able to switch quickly, plus they had the necessary expertise in house, as well as their Reference Solution matched what we actually needed at the time.” – Evert Van Cauwenbergh, CTO Jane

The collaboration allows Jane to fully focus on the development side of their solution, while Skyscrapers takes care of the infrastructure. A perfect match.


The results

  • Unified infrastructure overview on sensor data
  • Stable and secure cloud platform
  • Increased focus on sensor data monitoring and maintenance
  • Foundation for accelerated growth and development