Creating a scalable Kubernetes platform for Teamleader

Skyscrapers creating a scalable Kubernetes platform for Teamleader
AWS, Containers, DevOps, Kubernetes

CASE: Teamleader

Teamleader was founded in 2012 and grew organically from a customer-centric philosophy. With an international vision, the company chose a multi-local approach: an extensive international team of 160 employees from as many as 10 different nationalities and since 2015, offices in Ghent and Amsterdam. Teamleader is trying to improve their product every day in their mission to help SMEs work smarter.

“Our biggest technology challenges primarily concern Scalability … Teamleader was developed several years ago for a much smaller customer base than we have today.” – Tom Schouteden CTO Teamleader.


The Challenge

Teamleaders challenge was to keep up with the latest technological developments, increasing CRM software features and fast growing clientbase.Therefore, Teamleader needed a partner that could facilitate growth with a stable, scalable and future proof cloud platform.

Skyscrapers helped convert Teamleader’s monolithic application to an application based on microservices. This now allows the development team to easily deploy and scale new microservices, make live adjustments and tackle bugs without downtime for the end user. Choosing Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services guarantees groundworks for accelerated growth.


Why Skyscrapers

Teamleader’s challenge required a partner that would not only just build a scalable cloud platform, but also one who could provide guidance and advice on how to manage microservices using Kubernetes.

Skyscrapers mainly focused on the overall architecture and operations of the cloud platform so that Teamleader’s cloud engineers were unburdened and could focus on what is important within the organization.

“Skyscrapers allow me to be primarily concerned with my own team, their questions and problems.” – Yorick Horrie Cloud Engineer Teamleader

Once the DevOps team in Teamleader was ready for it, they took over a reliable and proven cloud platform with limited technical debt.


The results

  • Easy and scalable deployment of microservices using Kubernetes
  • Live bug fixing without downtime for end users
  • Guaranteed scalability with Amazon Web Services
  • Easily set up an infrastructure for small and large numbers of end users
  • Build-operate and eventual transfer to the own DevOps team at the end of the project