Kubernetes and DevOps-as-a-service provide Metamaze focus

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CASE: Metamaze

Metamaze supplies innovative enterprises with the ultimate tool to automate the menial parts of their document processing work, and thus provide a solid foundation for digitalization. Missing in-house knowledge and wanting to focus on their core business they turned to Skyscrapers to set up and manage a future proof Kubernetes platform.


The customer

Antwerp-based SaaS company Metamaze is an AI-driven Intelligent Document Processing SaaS platform that enables companies to automatically process, extract and structure information from any type of document. The Metamaze Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform allows you to train, manage, integrate and use state-of-the-art A.I. models for extracting information from and automatically processing documents in a user friendly way.

“One of the main reasons we reached out to Skyscrapers is because we noticed that we were losing a lot of time trying to build our own cloud solution.” – Jos Polfliet, CTO Metamaze


The Challenge

Metamazes ambition is to make the smartest possible Intelligent Document Processor in existence that is at the same time easy for end-users to implement and integrate into existing workflows. In order to focus all time and energy on these towering ambitions, and lacking in-house knowledge, they looked for a partner to set-up and maintain their cloud infrastructure. This is where Skyscrapers came in. With DevOps-as-a-service Skyscrapers takes care of managing a professional and proven cloud platform, while relying on mature DevOps processes.


Why Skyscrapers

Metamaze needed a partner that would complement their development and operations and provide guidance and advice throughout. Under an Devops-as-a-Service cooperation, in combination with our tailored Kubernetes Reference Solution, Metamaze’s team is now unburdened so they can focus on their business and applications…

“Skyscrapers is outstanding in 2 areas. Firstly, their in-depth knowledge of the latest technological developments in the field. Secondly, their open, transparent way of communicating and thorough support.” – Joeri Van Steen, Founder Metamaze


The results

  • Focus on innovating the business and applications while we take care of the cloud platform, support and operations.
  • Easy and scalable deployment using Kubernetes and mature DevOps practices
  • Easily set up an infrastructure for small and large numbers of end users
  • Increased focus on data monitoring and maintenance in the cloud
  • High success rate of customer projects and no downtime