Providing a secure and stable Kubernetes platform for Q1.6

AWS, Containers, DevOps, DevOps-as-a-service, Kubernetes, SREaaS

CASE: Q1.6

Q1.6 is a scale-up based in Antwerp, Belgium. Offering a micro-messaging platform for remote patient monitoring and clinical trials Q1.6 made waves in the health industry (hospitals, medical device and pharma companies). Q1.6 transforms long and tedious patient care questionnaires into quick, easy questions during the unlock moment of your smartphone that are spread throughout the day. Their goal is to make communicating with patients as simple and non-intrusive as possible.

“Our goal? To guarantee our customers that our software is always up and running with necessary processes in place regarding data privacy, compliance and security” – Frans Vanhaelenwijck, CEO Q1.6


The Challenge

Q1.6 software was becoming a critical element in their client’s business process. This entails ensuring system availability, data protection, security and compliance is at the top of their agenda. The need to innovate faster and shift to cloud-native application architecture to manage security risks within brought them to Skyscrapers. Together we lay the groundwork for a stable and secure cloud environment that fulfilled their ambitions.

Skyscrapers implemented a solution using Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services. It is built to meet the security-sensitive requirements and to keep everything up and running. This allows Q1.6 to scale up, orchestrate all their containers, creating a unified view of their complete cloud platform and services.


Why Skyscrapers

The lack of in-house knowledge and resources regarding cloud architecture and infrastructure lead Q1.6 to Skyscrapers. Q1.6 was looking for a reliable, pragmatic partner that would not only build and monitor a scalable Kubernetes platform for their software offering, but also one who could provide guidance and advice for the team.

“When we started 7 years ago, we didn’t have anyone in the team with much knowledge about the cloud, cloud infrastructure and how to maintain it. So, we went looking for a reliable partner, which we found in Skyscrapers” – Bob Van Looveren, CTO Q1.6

Under an DevOps-as-a-service cooperation, Skyscrapers manages the Kubernetes platform and guides the development team. This allows Q1.6 to focus on what counts within their organization, with a strong backbone of data compliance and security.


The results

A job well done:

  • Unified infrastructure overview
  • Processing vital metrics and actionable insights on a larger scale
  • Stable and secure cloud platform
  • Increased focus on data monitoring and maintenance in the cloud
  • Foundation for accelerated growth and development