Helping neoScores get ready to conquer the world

Helping neoScores get ready to conquer the world

As a startup neoScores surely made waves with their ambition to become the global iTunes of sheet music. Making the right platform choices from the start while focusing on the product is critical to even the path towards the future.


The customer

neoScores was founded in 2013 by a passionate group of music professionals. Based out of Antwerp, Belgium a group of music lovers, e-commerce experts and software wizards are working hard on Gustaf, a marketplace for digital sheet music. neoScore envisions becoming a global market leader.

Suppose that we become successful, imagine that 10.000 visitors per minute hit our application. How can we cope with that?

Bob Hamblock, CTO neoScores

The challenge

When neoScores came to Skyscrapers they made clear that they had global ambitions. To ensure that the requirements supporting these ambitions could be met it was critical that the right technological and architectural decisions were taken early down the road.

As a startup the focus on their own business: getting an MVP out the door, developing features and further focusing on the product(s). With significant in-house knowledge around full stack development (Node.js) that was no issue. However there was no focus on, time for nor expertise around DevOps, cloud architecture and operations. So the search for a DevOps partner commenced.

Why Skyscrapers

As an agile and pragmatic partner Skyscrapers has been involved since day one. We started out with providing a simple, bootstrap-friendly managed platform so they could focus on getting their product-market fit right.

As they were building out the feature set and getting ready to go to market we guided them towards a micro-services architecture built on top of Amazon Web Services. This architecture will enable easy scaling in the near future and high-availability at lower cost.

We've also helped them out with a Continuous Deployment pipeline enabling a higher rate of innovation while maximising application availability and service quality.

Our DevOps Engagement, a unique combination of on-tap expertise, proactive approach and managed services, has resulted in an excellent cooperation between neoScores and Skyscrapers.

We truly have the impression that Skyscrapers are really on top of things.

Bob Hamblock, CTO neoScores

The results

The Skyscrapers cloud team is part of the development team.

  • Pragmatic evolution of the hosting platform depending on the phase in the lifecycle of the company
  • Reliable 24/7 operations and faster resolving of production-issues so the product team can focus on the product
  • Product agility has increased thanks to reusability of technology, use of best-practices around cloud orchestration and the direct access to the full knowledge of Skyscrapers

Thanks to Skyscrapers neoScores is ready for world domination.