The World’s Diversity Cup


Our view on diversity and how bringing all of who you are is key

I hope everybody in the world had a good time celebrating Pride last month. I have a few words to share about diversity as well.

Let me introduce myself first: I’m the first and only woman in my team. The first and only one coming from a third world developing country in this Europe-based company. So basically I’m just missing one or two more labels (take your pick: black, LGBTQ+, etc) to make Skyscrapers win the world’s diversity cup :-).

But guess what …

At Skyscrapers we don’t think real diversity is only about that. Accepting peoples’ cultural, identity and gender differences is absolutely important and non-debatable. But there’s much more to diversity than just those. Unfortunately these are often missed out on!

It’s really about accepting people as they are as individuals: their feelings, what issues they’re dealing with in their personal lives, their fears, their self-image, what motivates them and what actually affect their energy, be it work or life related.

I have been working with Skyscrapers for two years now. During this period I watched myself and my teammates evolve and we’ve gone through a lot of changes as individuals at all levels. I was able to see how crucial it is to have enough safety and openness within your team to be emotional, moody, skeptical, even pessimistic, or just unmotivated or exhausted some of the times!

Whether we acknowledge it or not we are all human beings. During the course of our lives we will experience one or more of these feelings. It will affect even the strongest of us to at least a certain degree.

And now let me re-introduce myself: I’m not the first and only woman in my team, and not the first and only one coming from a third world developing country, I’m just me. Without labels. With all the changes that occurred to me and the ones yet to come I can still just be myself, no matter what. And this is what I truly think is the core of diversity.

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