A distributed team with a wide area of expertise and strong values

We are a group of passionate, curious people with diverse skillsets that seek professional excellence and personal growth on a daily basis. Our geographically distributed way of working ensures we can find the right people for the job. Meet our team here.

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Frederik started the company in 2001 and has been active in the hosting industry since 1995. His main focus is on building new business, developing strategy & services and making sure we feel the pulse of the market.

He also loves spending time with his young daughter, cycling and generally enjoying the good things life has to offer.

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Simon has experience with high traffic setups. He prefers to automate the tasks instead of doing things manually. At Skyscrapers he works as a cloud- and lead-engineer.

In his spare time Simon likes to do some development, cooking, fishkeeping and aquascaping.

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Luca started his career in a small Telecomunication company in Italy. Since then, he started developing his passion for infrastructure automation and virtualization. He then moved to AWS as a Cloud Support Engineer where he learned all about cloud infrastructures. He is really passionate about his job and loves trying/discovering new technologies.

In his free time he loves running and cycling.

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Philip is a system engineer at heart with a strong interest in scalable infrastructure design. He loves tinkering with all sorts of technology and is always eager to discover new things. Philip started his career in a small company focused on stress testing and web performance optimization. At Skyscrapers he works as cloud- and lead-engineer.

In his free time, Philip loves watching movies and enjoys backpacking in the mountains.

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Systems engineer specialised in cloud systems. Entrepreneur by nature. Also a software engineer and developer from time to time, so he has a bit of the two worlds. DevOps advocate and practitioner. Automation obsessed, he takes every chance he gets to increase his (and the team's) productivity and improve their workflows through automation and new technologies.

In his free time he also loves traveling and taking photos.

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Amany is very passionate about open-source, DevOps, and IT in general.
She used to be a Linux advocate for years before taking it to the next level and starting a career in IT.

Spending time working with big infrastructures, fixing issues, and specially learning new technologies is her idea of having fun!
At Skyscrapers Amany is working as a cloud-engineer.

In her free time she likes reading, cycling, and learning to play the viola.

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Adey is passionate about continual improvement through action and reflection to enhance everyone's' experience. He considers that automation supports this by creating consistent solutions that reduce inefficiency, allowing people to focus on what matters - customer experiences. He is a Cloud Engineer here at Skyscrapers.

In his free time, Adey enjoys cooking, climbing and meeting people.