Be part of a growing company that puts people first

We believe that we can only help our customers grow if we evolve ourselves first. That is why we have a unique view on how a company should be organised. We value personal growth, a high level of trust, freedom to act and maximum transparency to create a work environment that fosters creativity, innovation and personal growth. Our geographically distributed way of working ensures we can find the right people for the job.

We work mostly on open-source stacks and public cloud providers. Amazon Web Services is the most common, but also on others like Linode and Digital Ocean. Amongst our customers we have startup’s (like this one), ISV’s, interactive agencies and e-commerce companies. We believe automation and design for robustness are key to keeping our customers happy, while being honest and open at all times.

The company started in 2001 as a typical hosting business, we even had our own racks and stuff. We had a vision about public cloud and in 2013 we made the switch towards a 100% public cloud-based business. We haven’t looked back. The future is bright and business is steadily growing.

How do we work

Not only did Frederik start Skyscrapers based on a technological vision. He also dreamt about doing things differently from the companies where he had worked before. A company should be about more than pursuing economic objectives.

A company is a collection of people that share a common purpose. As long as these are aligned, we are game. You will work in a place that makes you happy, inspires you daily, and helps you become the person that you want to be. Over time paths might diverge, and that’s fine as well.

This requires a whole new set of practices. What we are already doing today:

  • Distributed working: Your colleagues might not always sit next to you. Prefer to work in an office with colleague’s, just at home or rather somewhere in Africa? You decide what works best for you. Oh, we also meet-up regularly in our multi-day retreats in nice locations.
  • No managers/bosses: our goal is to become 100% self-organizing. Mind you, this doesn’t mean no rules. But it does mean you get a chance to grow and make a difference. Every day.
  • Self growth: We believe that an organization can only grow if the people in that organization grow in the first place. This means you'll be expected to set out your own path. You might start in a specific role, say a technical one, and evolve towards a more commercial one because it interests you. You will also have more than one role depending on your energy, passions and needs.
  • 100% transparency: one of our core values. We believe everybody should have access to all information at all times. Only then you can expect people to make the right decisions. Yes, this also means we know what we all earn at the end of the month. We even decide that together.
  • Result oriented: we're gradually moving away from being an organisation that values time 'on the job' towards valueing results delivered. Your productivity should speak for itself, rather than number of hours spent or when you spent them.

And it doesn’t stop here. One of our goals is to build an organisation that will redefine how companies are built. Some more inspiration here. It will be a great adventure.

What we value

In all our candidates we'll be looking for:

  • Clear, no-bullshit, transparent, open communication is what we value.
  • Be able to cope with change and ambiguity. You better be ready for that. Even better, be the person that drives the change and innovation.
  • Discipline, being able to structure your own work days and feeling comfortable about working remote (as in away from the rest of the team). You’ve figured out the work-life balance that’s right for you. You think independently, take responsibility for the overall success of the organization and have the maturity to speak your mind in a constructive way.
  • Speak and write fluently in English. We need to understand each other (remember, we work remotely) and our current customer base. More languages is a plus!
  • Passion. Be it technology in general, cloud, devops, self-organisation, life. We really are a bunch of passionate people and want more of that.
  • Willingness to travel from time to time to meet colleagues/meetings/customers.
  • Full time and exclusive commitments, either as contractor or employee. Mind you, you tinkering on the side is no problem.

What do we offer you?

  • A renumeration, to start with based on the value you can bring from day one and evolving as your added value increases.
  • Location independence: work from home, work from a coworking space, etc as long as you can mostly align with the CET timezone and your internet connection is up to the task. Pick up your kid(s) from school, enjoy the beach.
  • A team that understands that personal life goes on during business hours. Flexibility for everybody.
  • All travel for work is covered by us
  • Your own choice of weapons (laptop, smartphone, etc)
  • Generous vacation allocation
  • With an employee-contract you also get: mobile subscription, Hospitalisation (DKV), contributions for working from home+internet and meal vouchers