Meet Skyscrapers’ furry colleagues!

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Meet Skyscrapers’ furry colleagues!

You may have seen them pass by during a Zoom meeting, by chance or shown with great pride: the soft and purring colleagues of some of our Skyscrapers employees. The fact that Skyscrapers is a remote working company has not escaped our furry friends either. They are delighted that we are at home every day and can shower them with hugs, love and company 24/7… Who are we kidding? Every day they are watching mercilessly as we disturb their quiet cat life by working in their territory, whether or not in jogging trousers or yoga pants.

Poor cats… anyway, let us introduce you to our sleepy, soft Furballs.

Keeping up with Amany’s Catdashians

First up, meet Amany’s cats. Yes, she has several. Four to be precise! Together they provide a lot of entertainment in the house, but also a lot of drama…

Poor cats… anyway, let us introduce you to our sleepy, soft Furballs.


This is Mocha, a Tortoiseshell lady who – like other cats – is very stubborn and knows how to get what she wants. She never takes no, or an empty food bowl, as an answer. I mean, look at her face. It just screams “Huuuuman, have you refilled my food bowl yet?”.


When we saw this beautiful British Blue kind-hearted boy, we immediately thought “Bingo, this is the cat we need!”. And so it became his name, Bingo. He is always in the mood for cuddles, but he’s still very independent. He always stands up for his fellow cats against the one and only enemy, At’Outa.


Ever met such a sweet cat that you just want to take it home right away? No? Then you haven’t met Todo yet! Todo is just the loveliest and most friendly ball of fur you will ever meet. Unlike most cats, he does love humans, cats and even all other creatures.


This Snow White is so fond of people, you’d almost think she’s a dog! At’Outa follows you everywhere around the house and is the happiest cat in the world when she can be with you. She even defies strangers without fear! Most of all, At’Outa wants her Humans for herself, and this at the expense of her fellow cats…

Despite the conflicts and drama between these four little bastards, they are still united in the ultimate goal of dominating the world. The first crucial mission? Eliminate all birds! The look on their faces when they have an innocent bird in their sights is enough to tell what time it is. Second mission? To eliminate the humans! I wonder if they have thought about who will fill their food bowls then… Anyway, as these missions are quite exhausting, I suspect they will just stick to taking innocent naps.

Poor cats… anyway, let us introduce you to our sleepy, soft Furballs.


Simon’s Cat Squad


Heard of Baileys yet? No, we are not talking about the famous liqueur… We are talking about Simon’s cute cat! Baileys has escaped from the hands of a farmer. And – surprise surprise – she doesn’t like unknown objects or people. Her favourite hobbies are sleeping and looking for attention from the human during working hours. How she’s planning to reach world domination? Just don’t come close to her or you’ll find out…

Pluisje (named after Fluffy from Harry Potter)

Six years ago, Pluisje and her sister Baileys moved into Simon’s warm house. What typifies Pluisje? She thinks she has everything under control, but not really. She sleeps from 9 to 5, is a pro in nagging for food and washes herself whiter than white! When we asked her what her plans are to achieve world domination, she replied “I couldn’t be bothered. So little time, so much sleep to do.” Okay no, she just said “Meow”.

Philip’s Tasty Teammate


Meet Wasabi, the Hunter, the Killer and occasional Cuddler. He doesn’t like most humans, especially the tiny ones, because tiny people steal his thunder. Some big ones are okay, they make a warm bed and keep the tiny one away.
A favourite activity is leaving dead animals at the neighbour’s doorsteps. Why? It must be a warning. He also likes sleeping and the excessive licking of certain body parts during conf calls… We don’t want to go into any more detail about this.
Warning before you meet him: don’t touch his belly, it’s a trap!

Iuri’s Furry Friends


Koko & Maggie

Koko (on the left) is – as you can see – a cat, but we think he wanted to be a dog. Koko is super friendly and loving, sometimes even a bit too much.
Maggie (on the right side), alias Utu Kutu, is more shy and less dog than Koko. You won’t see her all day, unless you have a conference call going on. Only then will you have her standing next to you meowing like a fool.
Both lived a very quiet and easy life… Until this was abruptly disturbed by a tiny diapered human (a.k.a. our first child) 4 years ago. And as if it weren’t bad enough, another one came three years later! They are probably now planning a terrible revenge against humanity…

Your cats?

There you go, you’ve met our cats, and we even got through without a scratch! Now if you’ll excuse us for a moment, we urgently need to feed them before they start ruining our stuff…

Do you want to see your cat up here too? Then you are in luck, because we are still looking for cats… uh, we mean employees. Do not hesitate to apply at!