The Advantages of Being Part of a Remote International Team: Our Retreat in Spain.

Skyscrapers Team Retreat

Building a strong team

There is a lot to say about being part of a remote, international team, and I have committed myself to talking more about this topic in the future. A major advantage of remote companies like us is that we have the (financial) freedom to have nice team building events. However, we refer to them as retreats as they are at another level altogether. Our retreats are one of Skyscrapers’ most important rituals, we see them as a celebration of our unity and diversity! Our recent escapade in Girona, Spain, was no different and stands out as yet another vibrant chapter.

Strengthen Bonds

Working remotely gives us flexibility and autonomy to do things our way. As you might know, Skyscrapers’ team is scattered across multiple countries. While tools like Slack and Zoom bridge that gap in our daily work, face-to-face interaction brings a different kind of connection. So, last month, we broke away from our virtual meetings and came together in beautiful Girona, Spain. The fresh air, some new faces and the change of scenery was rejuvenating. From heartwarming stories to cheerful breakfast preparations: these moments were about building and strengthening the bond that holds our team together. New team members were introduced, connections with long-time colleagues were deepened, and we’re pretty sure that these relationships will prove their value in the upcoming busy months.

Unleash Creativity

We stayed in a beautiful house in the middle of nature close to Girona, right next to the Costa Brava and Pyrenee mountains. This beautiful scenery served as the perfect backdrop to ignite our collective creativity. Because sometimes, all it takes to inspire new ideas and perspectives is a change of scenery. Our workation allowed us to brainstorm and collaborate in a more relaxed and stimulating environment, sparking innovation and fresh insights that might not have been possible through virtual meetings alone. So watch out for some new initiatives to come!

Recharge and Re-Energize

Our week in Girona was not just about work; it was also about relaxation and recharging. We enjoyed fun games, indulged in local cuisine , and enjoyed the salty sea breeze. This break from the daily routine provided everyone with an opportunity to return home re-energized and ready to tackle new challenges.

Reflect on Achievements

The team retreat was also the perfect occasion to celebrate our accomplishments as a team. We took time to reflect on our shared goals and milestones, recognizing how far we have come together. A full day was dedicated to sculpting our future strategy, opening avenues for innovative discussions. These sessions, fueled by Girona’s inspiring environment, charted the course for Skyscrapers’ next big leap.

In the world of remote work, where geographic boundaries are blurred, moments like our week together in Girona are not a luxury but a strategic investment in our team’s cohesion ánd productivity. These events remind us that while we may be scattered across the globe, we are, at our core, a united and motivated team. So, whether you call it team building, workation or retreat, for us, it’s a testament to freedom and unity. Stay tuned for more insights into the exciting world of remote work and international collaboration. BTW… if you would like to be part of this team, we are always looking for new colleagues to join!