Will you join us on our adventure?

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Why are we here

Our customers are a growing number of SaaS and digital product companies. They use open technologies and adopt a cloud native way of working.

We help our customer accelerate their journey by taking care of the developer platform: the cloud foundation beneath the applications they deploy. We build it, maintain it, support it and make sure they get all the knowledge and help to move forward. Basically DevOps-as-a-Service (we know DevOps is not the right word here, but you get the picture 😊).

For more details, check out services.

Why we're different

We're a not your typical 9 to 5 top-down-power company with a nice daily commute:

  • 100% transparency: one of our core values. We believe everybody should have access to all information in all areas of the company at all times: decision-flows, compensation, contracts, planning, etc. Only then can we expect people to make the right decisions.
  • 100% remote since 2015: you work from the location where you work best: home, coworking space or maybe even a more exotic remote location for a while. We sync up through various tools like Slack, Zoom video calls, GitHub, etc. To bond and go deeper from time to time we organise multi-day team get-togethers about 1-2 times per year (if there is no weird 🦠 going around limiting freedoms).
  • No managers and self-managing: Thanks to our unique management model, you get a chance to grow while making a difference. Our self-management-model is based on Sociocracy and Teal principles (as defined by Frédéric Laloux).
  • Role-driven job descriptions: Instead of having a single job description, you will probably be holding multiple roles depending on your skills, passions and desires. Together these form your 'job'. This allows for a very organic evolution of yourself and the organisation.
  • Self growth: We believe that an organisation can only grow if the people in that organisation grow in the first place. This means you'll be expected to set out your own path but supported by the opportunities the organisation offers. We have a personal development coach that you can plan sessions with and that supports as a team. It is not just about the mind and the business.
  • Result oriented: Your productivity should speak for itself, rather than number of billable hours spent (actually except for some exceptions we don't track hours) or when you spent them.
  • Cats and other pets are welcome: Meet them here.

And it doesn’t stop here. One of our goals is to build an organisation that will redefine how companies are built. It will be a great adventure, albeit a bumpy one at times while we figure this out.

What do we offer you?

  • Be part of a growing team that is building its future
  • Work with bleeding edge open source and cloud technology, and SaaS development teams
  • Location independence, no energy draining commute
  • Flexible work-times (pick up your kid from school, enjoy the beach, do some sports, ...)
  • Paid conferences
  • 2 retreats per year
  • Generous vacation allocation
  • Access to personal coaching (with our resident coach Ben) and free psychological session through BloomUp (a customer of ours 😁)

What does the hiring process look like

We are a remote company and don't have the luxury of meeting you in person right away. With that in mind we tend to be a bit more thorough so we can get a good picture of you.

  • We start with an initial screening of your application where we look at relevant experience, your quality of writing, etc
  • You'll have first talk via video call with Frederik, the founder. Here we'll introduce one another, talk through the process and get some basics covered. We try to keep it short. Ask all questions you need to ask!
  • One or more interviews with the hiring circles, the teams you'll be working with
  • We'll do a couple of reference checks
  • Final talk to go a bit deeper on values, how the hiring process went for you and for us, etc. If that goes well we …
  • We make an offer!

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