Be part of a growing company that puts people first

Be part of a growing company that puts people first. We strive to help customers navigate the complex world of cloud and platform technology. Our customers can only grow if we evolve ourselves first. Our geographically distributed team values personal growth, freedom to act and maximum transparency and using cutting edge technology to create a work environment that fosters creativity, innovation and personal growth.

A company is a collection of people that share a common purpose. If you feel our purpose and way of working resonate with you, get in touch with us!

Why are we here

Our customers are growing technology companies that build online software: API's, platforms, SaaS, etc based on open technology and want to adopt a cloud native way of working.

The public cloud, related platform technology and best practices keep innovating at a rapid pace and are increasingly complex. Our customers need to focus on their applications and business. It is challenging for them to stay up to date and finding/maintaining expertise. That is where we come in.

Besides providing ongoing guidance and advice we also build, manage and evolve hosting platforms for them on public cloud providers. The majority of our workload today is still on Amazon Web Service although we are planning on expanding to other providers as well.

Since 2017 we are heavily investing in developing solutions and services around container based workloads (Kubernetes, ECS, Docker, etc) and growing our activities around serverless architectures. We believe both are the only way forward for our customers.

How do we work

We're a not your typical 9 to 5 top-down-power company with a nice daily commute:

  • Distributed working: Your colleagues might not always sit next to you physically. You work from the location where you work best: home, coworking space or maybe even a more exotic remote location for a while. We sync up through various tools like Slack, Zoom video calls, GitHub, etc. To bond and go deeper from time to time we organise regular team get-togethers and retreats in nice locations.
  • No managers/bosses: our goal is to become 100% self-organizing. Mind you, this doesn’t mean no rules. But it does mean you get a chance to grow and make a difference. We are strongly experimenting with models like Sociocracy and Teal principles.
  • Purpose driven organisation: Our organisation is structured in circles (loosely similar to teams) that are responsible for a part of the bigger purpose. Each circle has various roles.
  • Role-driven job descriptions: Instead of having a single job description, you will probably be holding multiple roles in multiple circles depending on your skills, expertise and evolving needs. This allows for a very organic evolution of yourself and the organisation. Although we hire for your primary role, we will also try to see if you can help out in other roles.
  • Self growth: We believe that an organization can only grow if the people in that organization grow in the first place. This means you'll be expected to set out your own path. The company will over time will offer multiple opportunities for you to grasp. For example you will have multiple roles in multiple areas (what we call circles) of the organisation depending on your skills, passions and needs.
  • 100% transparency: one of our core values. We believe everybody should have access to all information in all areas of the company at all times: decision-flows, compensation, contracts, planning, etc. Only then can we expect people to make the right decisions.
  • Result oriented: Your productivity should speak for itself, rather than number of hours spent or when you spent them.

And it doesn’t stop here. One of our goals is to build an organisation that will redefine how companies are built. It will be a great adventure, albeit a bumpy one at times while we figure this out.

What we value

Besides role specific skills and qualities, in all of our candidates we'll be specifically looking for:

  • Integrity and honesty: we give you a lot of trust and opportunity. That can only work if you are a person of absolute integrity and honesty.
  • Excellent communicator: well considered, constructive, clear, no-bullshit and transparent communication through text and voice.
  • Be able to cope with change and ambiguity. You better be ready for that as it is not only a reality in our company but also in the world around us.
  • The ambition and motivation to be the person that drives change and innovation.
  • Be dependable and self-disciplined, being able to structure your own work days and feeling comfortable about working remote (as in away from the rest of the team).
  • You think independently and take responsibility for the overall success of the organization and have the maturity to speak your mind in a constructive way.
  • Speak and write fluently in English. Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and/or German are definitely a plus as we'd like to expand into those markets.
  • Passion about it technology in general, cloud, devops, self-organisation, life. We really are a bunch of passionate people and want more of that.
  • Available for work close to the CET timezone (max 3 hours difference) and have excellent internet connectivity.
  • Willingness to travel occasionally to meet colleagues/meetings/customers.
  • An exclusive commitment, either as contractor or an employee. (Mind you, some tinkering on the side is certainly no problem.)

What do we offer you?

  • A work environment with the chance for a very high degree of involvement
  • Work with bleeding edge open technology
  • A market compliant, fair compensation
  • Location independence, no energy draining commute
  • Flexible work-times (pick up your kid from school, enjoy the beach, do some sports, ...)
  • A team that understands that personal life goes on during business hours.
  • All travel for work is covered by us
  • Payed conferences
  • Generous vacation allocation
  • With an employee-contract you also get: mobile subscription, Hospitalisation (DKV), contributions for working from home+internet, computer/mobile phone (or BYOD) and meal vouchers

What does the hiring process look like

We are a remote company and don't have the luxury of meeting you in person right away. With that in mind we tend to be a bit more thorough so we can get a good picture of you.

  • We start with an initial screening of your application where we look at relevant experience, quality of writing, etc
  • Before we start talking we'd like you to do an online assessment to get better view on your personality and professional traits. It should take around 30 minutes of your time.
  • First talk via video call to introduce one another, talk through the process and get some basics covered. We try to keep it short.
  • One or more interviews with the hiring circles, the teams you'll be working with
  • We'll do a couple of reference checks
  • Final talk to go a bit deeper on values, how the hiring process went for you and for us, etc. If that goes well we …
  • Make an offer