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DevOps-as-a-Service, formerly known as SRE-as-a-Service or managed Site Reliability Engineering, is a scalable, affordable Infra & Ops service to complement your Development team or expand your DevOps team. At an affordable and fixed monthly price, we provide you with constant platform improvements, full operational coverage, support and proactive optimisation of your SaaS cloud platform, all without lock-in.

For who is DevOps-as-a-Service

DevOps-as-a-Service is ideal for startups, scale-ups and established SaaS companies, with or without an existing DevOps (or Infrastructure & Operations) team.

If you want to speed up innovation while relying on scalable and reliable operations, a professional and proven cloud platform, and mature DevOps processes, this is a great solution, especially in combination with our Reference Solutions.

AWS and Kubernetes is allowing us to orchestrate all of our services and have a unified view of the platform. With DevOps-as-a-Service, Skyscrapers takes care of managing the platform and guides our development team. In summary: we can focus all of our time and energy on building our applications.

Alexandre Mathieu, CTO at AppTweak

What’s in it for you?

DevOps-as-a-Service effectively complements your Development or existing DevOps team with our cloud experts. Compared to doing things yourself, we aim to offer more value faster at a lower cost.

  • Focus on innovating your business and applications while we take care of the cloud platform, support and operations.
  • No lock-in when you’re ready to in-source these activities you can. We provide you with all the necessary Intellectual Property and tooling to do so.
  • Gradual learning for your team(s) through sharing of knowledge, promoting DevOps practices and providing access to all code.
  • Value based pricing that is scalable and predictable, based on the provided value, team composition, support type and platform architecture.
  • Dependable operations through reliable, scalable and proven technology and best-practices.
  • No technical debt on the cloud layer thanks to constant improvements.
  • Constant improvements as we get insights from working across multiple customers with similar challenges that are fed back into our engineering.
  • More value and faster results at a lower cost, compared to building your own team.

Service Highlights

  • Continuous roll-out of new features and upgrades as our Reference Solutions improve (check-out our Changelog)
  • Access to all technologies covered by the Reference Solutions
  • Monitoring and incident handling
  • 24/7 escalation path to get our support on any business critical issues
  • Pro-active services to optimise costs, architecture, etc on a regular basis
  • All-you-can-eat advice and guidance on application architecture, Serverless, AWS, Kubernetes, CI/CD, DevOps, etc
  • Developer support and guidance (optional)
  • No lock-in with everything deployed in your accounts and full IP rights: when you are ready to take over with your own DevOps team, you can. Enjoy!
  • Optional support for custom, non-standard environments
  • Predictable monthly cost

Technology Highlights

Devops-as-a-Service is the services layer that enables the underlying platform stack, supporting container and serverless workloads (and legacy if needed). To guarantee a high level of quality and consistency in our services, we developed our Reference solutions and foundations.

The Skyscrapers Kubernetes Reference Solution is our blueprint for a production-ready platform to run your container workloads on. It is based on best-of-breed cloud PaaS and open source components and available on both AWS and Azure.

The Skyscrapers Serverless Foundation is our proposed strategy for building Serverless architectures on top of AWS. It fully follows the Serverless mindset: don’t manage anything the cloud provider can manage for us.

How do we engage?

DevOps-as-a-Service will form a core activity to your own organisation. The start-up phase is critical, requiring a well-prepared and customised approach. Over the years we’ve done many onboardings of new customers. This has resulted in a tried and proven approach.

SaaS Platform Exploration: We start with a review of your existing SaaS Platform and workloads, looking at all DevOps and Cloud Native perspectives that matter. The result is a detailed report with potential attention points, a proposed migration plan and opportunities for improvement. At the end we’ll know what way to go.
Onboarding Track: In this end-to-end project we set up the AWS Foundation, help you containerize your applications, deploy the Kubernetes Reference Solution, train your team and support the migration process of the application workloads. An end-to-end project to bootstrap our cooperation.
Start of DevOps-as-a-Service: With the first production workload live, we start the ongoing cooperation. Basically your very own DevOps team. But more cost effective and with more value delivered.

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