Our Services

Innovate faster and worry free by relying on our best practices, strong DevOps principles and proven technologies.

Cloud Native technologies like containers, Kubernetes, AWS and Serverless computing provide the foundation.


Ready to accelerate your DevOps? SRE-as-a-Service is a scalable and affordable virtual Infra & Ops service that complements your existing development or DevOps teams.

Based on our proven Reference Platforms for SaaS, we provide you with:

  • Constant platform improvements
  • Full platform monitoring and 24/7 operations
  • Developer support
  • Pro-active optimizations for cost and performance


  • Focus your team on innovating your business and applications
  • No lock-in: you can in-source these when ready
  • Gradually grow expertise
  • No technical debt on the cloud layer
  • Monthly and predictable price
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Kubernetes Expert Assessment

Built a Kubernetes platform yourself and want to know where you stand?

Through this service, you get a set of fresh eyes with extensive production experience review your Kubernetes platform. In a short and fixed price engagement, one of our experts will review your architecture in different areas.

The result is a detailed report with potential issues and risks, combined with actionable advice on how to move forward.

  • An immediate snapshot of the current state of your Kubernetes Cluster(s)
  • Direct access to experts with production experience
  • An overview of top risks and gap with best-practices
  • Transfer of knowledge is built-in
  • Actionable and prioritized advice so you know what to do first
  • Response to specific questions and challenges that you may have
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SaaS Platform Assessment

No Kubernetes? Don't worry! No matter what type of infrastructure you are running on we can still let you know where you stand with your DevOps and Cloud maturity?

In a short and targeted engagement, our experts review your SaaS platform from different perspectives: cloud architecture, application architecture, Cloud Native alignment, CI/CD, monitoring and operations, security, and team maturity.

The result is a detailed report with potential issues and risks, combined with actionable advice on how to move forward.

  • Immediate snapshot of current (DevOps) situation
  • Assessment of top risks, the gap with best-practices, etc
  • Transfer of knowledge built-in
  • Short and easy to engage project
  • Actionable and prioritized advice so you know what to do first
  • Fixed-price
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Container to Kubernetes workshop

Learn what it takes to get your containers into production on the cloud.

In a focused workshop, your developers work closely together with a Skyscrapers Cloud Engineer on getting a container-based application deployed and running on a Kubernetes platform.

You will walk away with hands-on experience, concrete improvements to your application, and increased knowledge about building Cloud Native applications.

  • Learn more about applying cloud-native principles
  • A hands-on introduction to Kubernetes for developers
  • Get your application ready for a container platform
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Engineering and Consulting

Need a piece of technology integrated into AWS, or a refactoring towards infrastructure-as-code? Maybe you want to have advice on topics like architecture, serverless, AWS or DevOps strategy?

With our Consulting and Engineering services, you can engage with the same experts that build and manage production platforms for successful SaaS businesses daily.

  • Various formats: engineering, sparring, advice sessions, research, etc
  • A toolbox of proven technology and best practices lead to quick results
  • High quality, low risk, at a low cost
  • End-to-end engineering: build, hand-over, support
  • Fixed price, retainer-based or T&M.
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