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Innovate faster and worry free by relying on our best practices, strong DevOps principles and proven technologies.
Cloud Native technologies like containers, Kubernetes, AWS and Serverless computing provide the foundation


Let's take a look

We’ll check and assess your current environment. Are you working with instances, with containers or serverless? Our SaaS Platform Review offers you an objective 2nd opinion from our cloud experts. Exploring how a DevOps approach, containers and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service can accelerate your speed of innovation. Poc-in-a-Box: Kubernetes on AWS is ideal for digital native companies exploring containers for developing digital services
Already have Kubernetes in place? Excellent, our Kubernetes Expert Review reveals all possible growth opportunities.
In need of an Expert Sparring Session? Pick our brains: don’t waste time and get the guidance you need to make the right decisions today.


Are you ready to jump? 3, 2, 1...

Container-ready? Our Container to Kubernetes Workshop does the trick. You’ll be all set with the best container skills and expertise.
All containerised? Now we really get going... We set up a production-grade and proven Kubernetes Reference Solution in no time! Our Build & Migrate Track helps you to migrate your workloads and integrate your processes. This way you’re off to a smooooth start!


Our wings will let you fly

Everything built? That was actually the easy part. This is where it becomes tricky. Keeping everything on track and minimizing technical debt can be challenging. Use our DevOps-as-a-Service, so you can entirely focus on your product. We like to dig around in your environment and get our hands dirty but we also share our decades of experience with you! It’s like having a fully equipped DevOps team but without the huge costs. We delivered a custom engineering project and you want to sleep a bit better by knowing that you are not just on your own. The Post Engineering Helpline is meant exactly for that.