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SaaS Platform Review

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Saas Platform Review

A SaaS Platform Assessment is an ideal way to get a 2nd opinion from cloud experts about your current SaaS platform. In this service we will review your platform from various perspectives:

  • Overview of current architecture and workloads
  • Application architecture and Cloud Native principles
  • Security
  • Operations (Backups, Monitoring, Escalation / on-call)
  • Cloud & Infrastructure orchestration & best practices
  • Build management and deployment (CI/CD)
  • Team skills and maturity
  • Customer specific and/or requested topics

The assessment will be tailored to your specific technological setup and will incorporate any specific challenges and needs you may have.
The result is a detailed report with potential issues and main risks, combined with actionable advice on how to move further. We will be presenting this report to maximise the chances for transfer of knowledge.

We wanted an objective and external audit of our in-house developed Cloud Platform. Skyscrapers did a great job auditing our AWS Cloud Platform. A close cooperation resulted in a clear and actionable report that helped us improve our product and platform.

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How do we engage?

The Saas Platform Review will be performed within the following scope:

Work will be done based on a specified customer provided end-to-end application environment.
All access from Skyscrapers will be read-only purely for information gathering purposes.
A fully written out document (see Deliverables) will be provided at the end.
There will be room for in-depth questions and answers at the end of the assessment.
We foresee a single correction round for minor improvements and corrections.

While we prefer to stick to the agreed on scope we can always adjust it if needed during the cooperation, providing agreement can be found.

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