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Post-engineering Helpline

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Post-engineering Helpline

This service is specifically for customers that recently engaged with Skyscrapers on an Engineering project.
We delivered a custom engineering project and you want to sleep a bit better by knowing that you are not just on your own. The Post Engineering Helpline is meant exactly for that!

For who is Post-engineering Helpline

The Post-engineering Helpline is specifically for clients who have recently partnered with Skyscrapers on an Engineering project and could use support. With this service, you can quickly contact us via a shared Slack channel and ask us to troubleshoot issues, fix undiscovered bugs, make minor changes, ... You name it!

At CrazyGames, we wanted to refactor certain parts of our AWS ECS cluster. Skyscrapers delivered what was needed within the budget, including a thorough knowledge transfer matched to our level of expertise. They have the right competencies to do work very efficiently and accurately.

Raf Mertens, Founder

What’s in it for you?

We want to help and support you as best we can.
You are not left on your own: we stay in the picture for non-urgent, small requests related to what was delivered
It makes the handover more relaxed and provides a safer way to take into use the deliverables

Post-engineering Helpline Features

You'll benefit from:

  • Easy access to Skyscrapers through a shared Slack channel
  • Usage support on what was delivered: ask us questions on usage and general information requests about the deliverables
  • Troubleshooting: In case of application or platform troubleshooting we can jump in with you and help figure it out (only for non-urgent issues)
  • Fixing of uncovered bugs: We can perform fixes on the delivered code-base
  • Pull request reviews: you make changes on the code we provided? Before you apply we can review them.
  • Implementation of minor changes: You can request us to do configuration changes, non-architectural changes, and any other low-impact change on the delivered work.
  • Support on other AWS aspects: you may have questions on different aspects of AWS, beyond the deliverables, that we can help you with.
  • Short contract-cycle: the support agreement can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

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