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Poc-in-a-Box: Kubernetes on AWS

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Accelerate your innovation with containers, Kubernetes and AWS

Time to Accelerate Your Path to Innovation with Containers!
Ready for your Poc-in-Box? Explore how a Cloud Native strategy based on containers, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and strong DevOps principles can accelerate your speed of innovation. In a well planned and scoped set of workshops, your developers will safely learn about these concepts, get hands-on experience and gain knowledge on a Cloud Native way of working.
In short; make your SaaSification successful.

For who is Kubernetes on AWS

Poc-in-a-Box: Kubernetes on AWS is ideal for small and medium digital native companies exploring containers for developing digital services. If you want to see how a DevOps approach, container-based deployment model and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (AWS EKS) can accelerate your innovation and make the business more scalable, then this is for you.

Skyscrapers rebuilt our container platform on AWS EKS and Fargate. They proved to be very knowledgeable and guided us perfectly. We got exactly the value we expected, including great documentation. We are happy with the results!

Vincent Ghyssens, CTO, Cohab

What’s in it for you?

Ensure you’re using industry-best technology to guide your move. Transform your business from a monolithic approach, increase your speed of innovation and application development. Avoid user downtime while deploying and increase both performance, security and efficiency and drive new features and capabilities.

  • Explore viability of a Cloud Native approach in a short time through a well scoped and planned project
  • Validation of AWS EKS as a fit for your workload
  • Safe and effective way to experiment with a Cloud Native approach while gaining new insights
  • Maximum knowledge transfer thanks to a hands-on and practical approach guided by one of our experienced cloud engineers.
  • Guided exploration of AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service and introduction to supporting AWS services like Fargate and EC2
  • Initiation to the aspects that go along with a mature cloud practice like security, cost management and operational efficiency.
  • Complimentary Amazon Web Services offer of $500 credits to cover the initial spend of the POC

How will we work together

An engagement takes about 1 to 3 weeks (depending on your learning-style) and typically goes like this:

  • With up to 2 people on your team, we start with a kick-off session to explore what needs and pain points exist, confirm the prerequisites and align on next steps.
  • In about 4-5 pre-planned, joint sessions of about 2-3 hours each, we go through all of the various phases.
  • Outside of these sessions we remain available for helping out and answering questions.
  • At the end we will document all the outcomes and our advice in a Proof-of-Concept Report and present this.
  • Playground period: we will keep the communication open for another week where you can still ask us (non-urgent) questions as you play around with the setup.

The workshops will respectively cover the following phases:

  1. AWS foundation: account setup, concepts, key best practices (security) and core services
  2. Application containerisation: make the chosen “test-tube application” ready for frictionless deployment and running reliably on AWS EKS
  3. AWS EKS: setup with infrastructure as code, basic AWS EKS concepts, access and set up of first test
  4. Deploy the “Test-tube application”: we tie everything together by packaging the test workload and get it deployed to the AWS EKS setup
  5. Going further: we look at what else we can do like configure logging, set up monitoring, integration of CI/CD, explore integration with other AWS services, check out how play with autoscaling and self-healing, etc. (depends on time available and needs)

This being a remote engagement, we use video conferencing (Zoom or a provider of your choice) and chat (we provide a Slack channel) extensively during the project. Between each of the sessions is some time to allow for experimentation and reflection.

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