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Kubernetes Expert Review

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Kubernetes SaaS Architecture Clusters Expert Assessment

Kubernetes Expert Review

Ready to have the Kubernetes platform in your SaaS company reviewed by professionals? In a short and fixed price engagement, one of our experienced Skyscrapers experts will review your architecture in a variety of areas. The result? A detailed report with potential issues and risks, combined with actionable advice on how to proceed.

For who is this Kubernetes Expert Assessment

The Kubernetes Expert Assessment is ideal for any SaaS company that is about to launch or is already running one or more Kubernetes clusters in production.
If you want to validate your setup, know what/how to improve your architecture, or want to be sure that you are ready to take on the world, this is the ideal service.

We wanted a second pair of expert eyes to check out our new Kubernetes platform before going into production. The Kubernetes Expert Assessment resulted in a well structured, detailed, and complete report delivered on time. We now have a clear path forward that we can implement ourselves. The value provided is definitely what was expected and more. This cooperation was very close to being a 10/10!

Philip De Smedt, CTO at Intuo

What’s in it for you?

Thanks to this short and focused Kubernetes Expert Assessment, you will get:

  • An immediate snapshot of the current state of your Kubernetes Cluster(s) covering
    • Security (API, hardening, RBAC)
    • Resource allocation & capacity planning (costs)
    • Cluster management (Versions, upgrades, automation)
    • Application strategy (deployments, fault tolerance, secrets, persistence)
    • Operations (Backups, Monitoring)
    • Customer specific challenges and questions*
  • Direct access to experts that have touched many similar, real-life production workloads in other projects
  • An overview of top risks and gaps with best-practices
  • Transfer of knowledge is built-in
  • Actionable and prioritized advice so you know what to do first
  • Response to specific questions and challenges that you may have

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