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Expert Sparring

Questions about Amazon Web Services, containers, Kubernetes, CI/CD or Serverless? Pick our brains! We'll brainstorm with you about your future plans. In these Expert Sparring sessions, you'll get the guidance you need to make the right decisions. Together with one of our experts you can explore concepts, validate an approach or ask in-depth questions.

For who is Expert Sparring

Expert Sparring is perfect for SaaS companies and people that want to do things themselves, but are looking for validation on ideas, having a better understanding of concepts/technology or need help in moving forward with future plans.

It doesn’t matter in what stage you are as a company. If you are exploring things such as containers, Kubernetes, …, this service is for you.

In the Pocket wanted to grow their AWS expertise. Skyscrapers got us going quickly by providing us with the right production knowledge on AWS from the start. In conclusion, we were delighted with the cooperation and how smooth it all went.

Jonathan De Moor, Cloud Tech Lead In The Pocket

What’s in it for you?

Pick our brains: don’t waste time and get the guidance you need to make the right decisions today.

  • A combination of sparring, focused research, guidance and real-world expertise
  • Easy to engage on with fast turnaround to get your answers
  • Talk to the right expert for your specific questions
  • Actionable advice at the end

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