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Container to Kubernetes Workshop

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Container to Kubernetes Workshop

With our Container to Kubernetes Workshop you will learn what it takes to get your containers into production on the cloud.
In a Container to Kubernetes Workshop , your developers work closely together with a Skyscrapers Cloud Engineer on getting a container-based application deployed and running on a Kubernetes platform. This will provide you with hands-on experience, concrete improvements to your application and increased knowledge about building Cloud Native applications.

For who is this workshop

This Container to Kubernetes workshop is ideal for startups, scale-ups and established SaaS companies that have some experience working with containers and want to go to the next level. That can be about moving to a container hosting platform, exploring Kubernetes, or generally improving your container architecture. This workshop is a low-risk way to experiment with that next step.

Kubernetes is allowing us to orchestrate all of our services and have a unified view of the platform.

Alexandre Mathieu, CTO at Apptweak

What’s in it for you?

The technical goal of this Container to Kubernetes Workshop is to get your application running on a fully configured Kubernetes cluster, that we provide access to. It’s the journey towards that goal that counts while we realise the following primary benefits:

Learn what’s needed to make proper containers that follow cloud-native principles. Get a hands-on introduction to working with Kubernetes as a developer. An application better adapted to run on a container-based hosting platform. Get an impression of each other's skill levels and ways of working.

Even if we don’t manage to get the workload running in the allocated time, it will certainly still be a valuable learning experience for your team. Time allowing, you’ll be able to ask questions, explore related topics or just try things out.

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