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What is DevOps?

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DevOps is all about digital companies implementing practices to be able to release faster at a lower rate of failure with the end-goal of having a faster time to market. The practices revolve around culture, communication, tools and measurement.

Many people in SaaS companies talk about their DevOps team, DevOps person or DevOps practices. Strictly speaking, it cannot be a person or a team. However when people refer to these roles they usually mean the people that have an enabling role in enabling those practices. Usually in combination with a platform focus: CI/CD, cloud, orchestration,
monitoring, etc.

Typically the goals are:

  • Improved deployment frequency;
  • Faster time to market;
  • Lower failure rate (of new releases);
  • Faster mean time to recovery

Typically the work revolves around technologies like public cloud (like AWS or Azure), CI/CD (like Github and Concourse), monitoring (like Grafana and Prometheus), orchestration tooling (like Terraform) and is mostly in close cooperation with the development teams.

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