Lead Engineer (customer success)

For the Customer Success Circle we are looking for a person that can fill the role of Lead Engineer as primary role. This role would ideally by combined with a more technical role that we have open like the Cloud Engineer

About the role

Skyscrapers has various kinds of customer stacks ranging from custom built cloud platforms based on CodeDeploy to the fully standardized container based platforms we've been building lately. The Customer Success circle is the group that works directly with our customers to deliver that technology and provide the necessary guidance.

People in the Lead Engineer role work with our customers to deliver the right technology, make sure they can use it and that the cooperation evolves in the right (technical) direction.

Your key responsibilities

This role is a combination of technical first point of contact, hands-on technical advisor and trusted liaison between both companies.

  • Be the main liaison between the customer’s development/ops and our team(s)
  • Communicate important events (roadmap changes, operational issues, …) to all stakeholders
  • Ensure operations go smooth for your customers
  • Support operational coverage of all customers, follow up and solve incidents
  • Bring customer feedback to the attention of the right circles in Skyscrapers
  • Align Skyscrapers Reference Architecture and customer roadmaps
  • Understand customer business, culture, challenges and direction
  • Integrate customers in our way of working (process, guidance & education)
  • Follow up customer work (setups, changes, etc) as they are handled in the Skyscrapers organisation.
  • Participate in a 24/7 rotation and emergency response (company wide) and some other non-24/7 shared responsibilities
  • Potentially take up other roles as well (secondary roles)

Skills, Experience and Qualities we're specifically looking for

Besides the things we look for in all of our future colleagues (See What we value:)

  • Experience with system engineering and/or operations.
  • Previous experience in customer support is definitely a good basis
  • Communicative, diplomatic and patient towards all stakeholders
  • Minimal project management skills
  • Technical knowledge on our technologies (see below)
  • Knowledge of common application architectures and development workflows
  • Knowledge of common technologies (frameworks, databases, cloud components, etc) customers may use to build their applications and how they are best used together.
  • Be able to “connect the dots” between our products and technologies


For this role we're looking for expertise on the following technologies. The more you know the better, the less you know the more you can learn.

  • Public cloud providers/IaaS/PaaS: Amazon Web Services is our core provider for the moment. We will be looking at Azure, Google Cloud and maybe others soon.
  • Container platforms: AWS ECS, Kubernetes
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • Terraform, Puppet
  • Icinga, Prometheus and other monitoring tools
  • Customer technologies
    -- Application: PHP, Node.JS, Ruby, Java, etc and related frameworks
    -- Database: Elasticsearch, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra, etc

Other skills and experience that we welcome

We'll also be looking at giving you one or more secondary roles. So if you possess any of the following skills and expertise and think you can help us with them be sure to mention them:

  • Having an Associate or Professional level AWS certificate
  • CI/CD workflows and technologies (we use Concourse)
  • General Linux sysops skills
  • Database skills (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Neo4J, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Cassandra, etc)

During the interview process we will identify the additional roles together.