Customer DevOps Lead

If you already have a🦶 in the DevOps space and now want to grow in that area: we should talk 😀.

Skyscrapers helps an increasing number of startups, scale-ups and SaaS development teams with their DevOps journey. To cope with that growth, and support the other plans we have lined up, we are looking for help in the Customer Success Circle (= our parlance for a team) where we are looking for a remote Customer DevOps Lead. Oh, and your pet is welcome as well .

Remote Customer DevOps Lead

As remote Customer DevOps Lead you are the bridge between CTO’s and developers at our customers, and our expertise and technology on the other side. By knowing about, and understanding our customers’ architectures, their context and their needs, you know exactly what is needed from Skyscrapers. You are in close contact with our customers through regular touchpoints. You are in effect their virtual DevOps person. Behind you stands the whole team of Skyscrapers to deliver what you and your customers need that effectively give you DevOps-super-powers. You can be considered the technical coordinator of our SRE-as-a-Service offering .

A typical week as Customer DevOps Lead could look like this:

  • Having regular touchpoints with your customers through Zoom calls and Slack.
  • Follow up progress on GitHub issues logged by your customers or logged by us for them
  • Every x months have an in-depth call with your customers to better understand their architecture, plans and future needs.
  • Work with the Platform Circle for new deployments, troubleshooting and feature requests for technologies deployed at your customer.
  • Engage the Experts Circle to get the answers and advice you customers need to further develop their products.
  • Participate in the Customer Success policy meeting (from time to time) to evolve how we work
  • Attend Monday check-in and Friday check-out meetings with the whole team.

One of the great things about how we are organised is that it allows people to take up additional, secondary roles in the company. Depending on your skills and desires that we discover during the interviews, it could be that you can also contribute to other circles like the Experts or the Platform Circles. You can find out more about those in this recent post .

What are we looking for

While a 🦄 would be nice, what we are really looking for is a person with the following traits:

  • Positive, problem-solving and optimistic mindset that sees solutions rather than problems.
  • Ambition to participate in and actively be part of shaping a small but growing company (learn more about the how here ).
  • Feel comfortable working remotely and having the necessary structure to plan your own day.
  • Good listener and you can connect with people detecting how they might feel, what they really need and what drives them.

We’re also looking for some specific requirements, skills and experience. The more of the following you have in you, the better. But don’t worry, we don’t expect you to be perfect. We are neither (unless you are that 🦄):

  • This is a remote role, but due to some GDPR challenges we prefer you be based in the EU
  • Broad understanding of (web-)development: technologies used, containers, serverless, middleware (queues, schedulers, etc), instrumentation, processes, methodologies, CI/CD, cloud-architectures, etc … so you can understand at a high level what our customers are doing and may need.
  • The more of our tech you know, the better you’ll know how to help your customers : AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, AWS Lambda, Linux sysadmin, databases (relational and beyond).
  • Have good writing and reading skills in English. Being a remote company AND working with customers remotely as well, this is our primary mode of communication. We still do have meetings, so speaking English fluently comes in handy.
  • Be in the European Union so that our GDPR commitments towards our customers are respected. While not our preferred choice (we already have a colleague outside of the EU), for now we want to keep it simple. This will change in the future.
  • Willingness to participate in a 24/7 on-call rotation (1 week every x weeks, low number of incidents).
  • Having AWS, Azure, Google or CNCF certs helps us with keeping our partner levels up. So if you have them, great! If not, we’ll help you get them.

What’s in it for you

  • You’ll be a forerunner as we work with innovative technologies for growing and ambitious SaaS companies.
  • Compensation between:
    • EU contractors: between € 40.000 and € 80.000/year, stable contract
    • BE employees: between € 3.000 - € 4.500 gross/month + benefits
  • Flexible work-times (pick-up kids, go to the shop during low-time, etc)
  • Payed conferences (are they back yet?!)
  • Retreats (next one planned for October, let's hope you can join already)
  • Generous vacation allocation (30 days+)
  • Grow your cloud and DevOps skills in a like-minded and diverse team
  • Cats and other pets are welcome: Meet them here.

Skyscrapers’ DNA

We're not your typical 9 to 5 top-down-power company with a nice daily commute.

  • Remote working veterans: we’ve been remote for over 7 years now. And we love it.
  • Flat and organic structure based on self-management: This allows everybody in the team to make a difference and be part of our future.
  • 100% transparency is one of our core values. All the information is open: pay, money, customer information, backlogs, etc.
  • Result oriented: Your productivity should speak for itself. With that in mind we’re gradually evolving towards a results-only based working environment.
  • Cats and other pets are welcome

You can learn more about that here: how we work and what we offer .

Ok, consider me interested! Now what?

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