Launching our new website and logo

Launching our new website and logo

Our branding needed a refresh to match Skyscrapers.
We proudly present our new website and logo!

Written by sclinckspoor Posted on June 7th 2017

Since the launch of Skyscrapers almost 4 years ago we've evolved a lot. We've helped out many technology companies, grew our team, evolved our way of working and learnt a lot of new tricks and technologies.

As our focus is becoming more clear we felt our old website and design no longer matched our story. It wasn’t clear what we do or what we stand for. So a refresh was in order.

Our new logo

Voila! Meet our new logo.

In the future you can expect more frequent updates on this blog, ranging from technical topics by our engineering team, to our experiences on how we are (self-)organising as we grow the team. But more about that later!

We're looking forward to your feedback on our site and branding!