How is Skyscrapers dealing with COVID-19?

Just like about everybody else on this planet, we are also impacted by COVID-19. We like to inform you about what that means for us, and our customers.

Written by fdenkens Posted on March 16th 2020


Thanks to being a remote company we can keep all of our promises, and meet all of our commitments without any significant problems. We are looking forward to helping out customers that may be impacted more significantly.

General operations

COVID-19 is forcing us all, if possible, to work from home. Since over six years, we are organised as a 100% remote working company. This makes remote communication and distributed cooperation, internally and with our customers, well-developed skills in our team. Thanks to this, we can safely say our general operations are not impacted at all.

Some of our colleagues have children that can no longer go to school. As children need care and attention, which we happily provide, this may have some minimal practical consequences. Think of things like delayed answers on non-critical requests or rescheduling of meetings.

In summary, there is no significant impact on our company, on our operations and on the commitments we have towards our customers, including 24/7 coverage.

Can we help you?

Now that you know we'll be ok, let's look at you. We already know of some customers that are significantly impacted by some of the measures being taken, both financially and operationally. Being the business critical partner we are, we want to let you know we are here to try and help you.

Don't hesitate to just ask us for help with operations, remote working and other things that may be of help.