Hiring 🎉 and insights into our 2022 plans

2022 started with a bang 🚀 We’ll share a bit of our strategy and introduce you to the new positions. Read on!

Written by fdenkens Posted on April 26th 2022

Hiring again and some insights into our plans

I can still remember writing “Time to slow down” at the end of last year. While that worked out great for those few weeks, 2022 started with a bang 🚀. We’ve had a great start. A lot of new SaaS customers and their development teams are finding their way to Skyscrapers. We clearly need help and thus are opening up 3 new positions in our team.

In this article we’ll share a bit of our strategy and introduce you to the new positions. Read on!

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Looking back: 2021

Let’s first look back. 2021 was a great year for us: we successfully restructured our company, managed to grow quite a bit and 2 new colleagues joined.

The year started with Daniel (Customer Success) joining. Interestingly, we had a hard time getting him going (and that is NOT due to him 😁). That and some other symptoms made us realise our company was not ready for the plans we had. This resulted in the boatworks with as main goal making us more scalable. Judging by the feedback of ourselves and our customers, we can conclude that the restructuring was a great success and the right thing to do. Even now each day we see the benefits. It made us more scalable, brought more focus, made it easier to make decisions and provides a more solid foundation for evolving our company using self-managing principles (based on Sociocracy).

Despite the intensity of restructuring the company in mid-flight (that’s how it felt) and despite limited marketing efforts, we still managed to grow quite a bit. Our revenue went up with +50%, and engaged with many more development teams of SaaS customers than ever. They all looked at us for DevOps-as-a-Service so they could focus on their product.

We closed the year with a great retreat (header picture) and shortly after Bruno joined the Expert Circle. The year was closed with us taking some time to slow down.

2022 started 🚀

The 21st of January the strategy for this year was presented. Our mission stayed the same:

We accelerate the speed of innovation of SaaS and digital native companies through opinionated DevOps practices, cloud solutions and expertise.

While I can’t share everything (we are not that transparent ... yet 😁), we decided to focus on 3 specific areas for this years strategic initiatives. For each I’ll share some highlights:

  1. Year of the developer: increase the value we offer developers, increase the number of touchpoints, more conscious customer journey and start measuring satisfaction.
  2. Stabilise and professionalise: better project management, stabilised service offering, increase circle maturity and bring the strategy into the circles
  3. Team, culture, growth and well-being: measurement of team happiness/self-actualisation, experiment with different work-arrangements (4-day workweek, etc), introduction of rituals, peer-reviews, etc.

In addition to these focus areas, the following decisions were also made:

  • Today we are AWS experts and at the end of 2020 we started offering DevOps-as-a-Service on Azure. Now we’d also like to experiment with Google Cloud and maybe even some EU providers.
  • We believe we can grow our team to 11 people, grow our revenue with another 40% and the number of developers we support with about 80%.
  • Have 2 team retreats: one in April (actually, we’re having it tomorrow) and one in October

There is a whole bunch of other stuff we agreed on, but this should be enough to give you an idea on where we’re heading.

When starting the strategy, we quickly had to slow it down due to an overwhelming influx of new customers. A great problem to have (some call it a 🍾 🥂 problem). However, it also made for less space to implement our exciting strategic initiatives. And that is why we want help. To get space again, grow comfortably and keep on evolving.

We’re hiring!

To create space and support our growth we’re now opening up 3 new, full-time, 100% remote positions.

Check them out and if you think you’d like to work with us don’t hesitate to apply!

Note: For now, due to some legal and GDPR complexities, we can currently only hire in the EU. We know this can be solved but we just don’t have the bandwidth to do so right now. Eventually we’ll get to that.

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