Helping neoScores get ready to conquer the world

For some time now neoScores has been making waves in the Belgian startup scene. And soon they will start conquering the world. Their goal is to become the iTunes of sheet music.

Written by fdenkens Posted on September 6th 2015

As ambitious startup making the right choices from the start is critical. Skyscrapers has been involved since day one. We started with providing a simple, bootstrap-friendly managed platform so they could focus on getting their product-market fit right.

Over time we evolved towards a micro-services architecture. It is based on Node.js, CouchDB, Nginx and Passenger running on top of Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, CloudFront, etc). This architecture will enable easy scaling in the near future and high-availability at lower cost.

Right now we are working on getting a Continuous Deployment pipeline in place. Based on Jenkins it will enable a high rate of innovation while maximising application availability and service quality.

Our DevOps Engagement, a unique combination of on-tap expertise, proactive approach and managed services, has resulted in an excellent cooperation between neoScores and Skyscrapers where win-win is a constant.

Actually we’ll just let them tell their story:

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