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“I work at a startup and we are onto something great!”

Setting up a whole new business is an exciting endeavor. You want to make those crucial right decisions from the start. Because values are in flux, you’re maybe not quite sure how many people will be using your service, but you can make a good guess. It’s important to think about hosting before you’re even writing/touching the first line of code. You want your web service to be scalable and the people you work with open minded, knowledgeable and flexible. You want to let your VC’s know that their money is well spent. You came to the right place.

Why choose Skyscrapers?

  • We take care of the research, setup and management of your cloud hosting. You can focus on building your business,
  • We make your hosting platform more reliable and scalable, to cope with your planned growth.

A few of our services that are a match for your kind of business:

  • Requirements and scoping workshop: together we figure out what is important to your business today and tomorrow in terms of cloud computing,
  • Application architecture workshop: to ensure that the application will benefit maximally from a cloud platform,
  • Sizing and architecture reviews: regular reviews to see if the hosting platform is still aligned with reality.

Contact us and we’ll help you take your startup business to the next level.

Frederik Denkens on startups

Flexibility and guidance

“I think most startups have limited resources, no time and want to move as fast as possible. They’re not interested in long-term contracts or bureaucratic processes. We’re infrastructure independant, so we can really put our expertise to work in the best interest of the startup and build a platform that can grow with them. Off course, maintaining flexibility is key.”

“One of our startups suddenly had developed a new version that needed a different version of MongoDB. Although it was about a production environment, we packaged and deployed the requested version in no time.“

Frederik's Freedom fighter

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