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“I run a SaaS business.”

When your business is a SaaS - cost control, scalability and high availability are key when it comes to your online business. Our expertise on the full stack and technologies will make it easy to communicate on your high level. We move fast and maintain service level agreements (SLA’s) of superior standard.

Why choose Skyscrapers?

  • We bring your reliability and scalability to the next level while optimizing operational costs,
  • Our professional operational services with matching service levels, closely integrates with your own processes,
  • We are infrastructure independent, so we always have the best interest of our partners in mind.

A few of our services that are a match for your kind of business:

  • Hosting platform review & audit: we will analyze your current hosting platform and provide advice to align it with your objectives,
  • Custom hosting platform design, matching your business and technical requirements,
  • Sizing and architecture reviews: a regular review of the solution to see if the hosting platform is still aligned with reality.

Frederik Denkens on SaaS companies

Your solution, part of another company’s business process

“As a SaaS, I believe you have to focus on your business: development, marketing, commercialisation, etc. So you need a strong partner that can support you with system engineering and operational management. A partner that thinks along, like us.”

“Your solution will probably be an essential part of another company’s business process. This introduces certain expectations around availability, performance and security. That’s exactly why you want us involved from day one: so we can help you build the right platform to meet those expectations."

Frederik's Freedom fighter

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