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“We are a large company and we have several hosting challenges.”

Chances are you have several online presences, websites and applications. Maybe you need us to work together with IT directly? Perhaps your marketing department has some projects lined up which they need help with. We can be a partner to both. Talk to us about your processes, needs and wishes today, and we’ll advise you on the best solutions for tomorrow.

What we can offer you:

  • We can quickly build and manage a hosting solution that exactly meets the requirements, even in a cost-efficient way. We are used to working with other partners to make sure each and all is aligned,
  • We can take care of the operational services with a defined service level.

A few examples of services that are a match for your business:

  • An application design workshop to help your specialists and experts align their effort with the cloud platform,
  • Hosting platform design to create a cloud platform exactly suited to your needs,
  • Managed services to keep an eye on the hosting environment.

Dave Derycker on large companies

A high degree of flexibility as an asset

“One day a large national Dutch company came to us. An external agency was developing their management dashboard for tracking KPI’s. They had specific requirements and were looking for an external partner that could build that hosting platform. Off course they had stringent IT compliancy rules on things like security. We managed to build a secure and reliable hosting platform in the public cloud. To further enhance security, we added a cloud hosted Application Firewall layer that actively protects against various threats.”

“I think our infrastructure independent approach and high degree of flexibility are great assets to any large company looking to move fast while respecting their own restraints.”

Dave's Daredevil

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