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“My website often deals with high traffic”

Your brand is sacred, your content is precious. Your website should be available always, anytime. You want your content online fast, and you also want your visitors to have a smooth experience, no matter what, loading pages swiftly and handling peak traffic perfectly. We are here to help you with that.

Skyscrapers can offer you:

  • An optimized scalable cloud hosting platform to meet your exact needs in performance,
  • Together with your IT-specialists, we can dive deeply into all technical layers to really squeeze the performance lemon.

A few of our services that are a match for your kind of business:

  • Hosting platform review & audit: we will analyze your current hosting platform and provide advice to align it with your objectives,
  • Application tuning & load testing: we make sure that the application is running at optimal speed and explore the limits of what is possible,
  • Advanced technical support: going deep into the bowels of the application and platform to solve challenging and complex issues.

Filip Van Tittelboom on

Prevention is better than cure

“Some time ago an event site saw a rapid traffic increase while performance was quickly degrading. Luckily our monitoring picked it up before it became a real problem. We immediately did an in-depth troubleshooting session that revealed problems with the database indexes. We fixed them and performance went times 100.”

“I believe it’s important to think things through like session-handling, caching, database structure and scalability before the crowd comes. We like to have a sit down with the development team before the site is even deployed, so we can discuss and agree on exactly those things. “

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