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“We deal with one or several e-commerce projects”

Certainly your service must be up and running, and readily attainable at any time. A highly available hosting setup is what you need. We can optimize your performance and handle (un)expected peaks in traffic like no other. Whether you have your own technical team on board or not, we offer the proper support and service measured to your business.

What we can offer you:

  • An optimized, reliable but cost-efficient hosting platform by working closely together with your technical partner or team,
  • Operational services with defined service levels to guarantee the best performance, 24/7,
  • A loyal and involved partner that stays onboard throughout the complete lifecycle of your project(s).

A few examples of services that are a match for your business:

  • Hosting platform review & audit: we will analyze your current hosting platform and provide advice to align it with your objectives,
  • Custom hosting platform design, matching your business and technical requirements,
  • Managed services: focus on your business while we make sure everything keeps running smoothly.

Dave Derycker on e-commerce

Performance is critical

“A tour operator came to us with their online booking platform. Before going live, we and the developers spent significant time on diving into the application to optimise what could be cached by the front-end caching layer. As always with ecommerce sites, this was a challenge due to the highly interactive nature. In the end we delivered a highly optimised Varnish configuration that integrated perfectly with the underlying Drupal platform.”

“If you want to make money from your site, performance is critical. One of the main things to keep in mind is cacheability. But there is more you can do: offload the assets to a CDN, keep your data separated from your application for scalability, etc. I think we have a lot of expertise on how to do that.”

Dave's Daredevil

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