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“We rock the web as an advertising / interactive / web agency”

Your agency is known for delivering top notch work. Your clients can be demanding and deadlines tight, but your creativity is flowing no matter what. You shouldn’t waste any energy on figuring out the best hosting solution. Talk to us when you have the first outlines of your project and we’ll help you make the best choices. So whether it’s a big interactive campaign or a large brand site you need to get online, we’ll be able to help you build the perfect foundation and guarantee a delightful experience for the end user.

Skyscrapers can offer you:

  • Thanks to the cloud, we can offer very flexible hosting solutions in a very short timeframe at a reasonable cost,
  • Talk to us in the early stages and we guarantee that your cloud hosting platform will be in place when you are ready for launch.

A few of our services that are a match for your kind of business:

  • Requirements and scoping workshop to gauge exactly what you need,
  • Application tuning & load testing: we make sure that the application is running at optimal speed and explore the limits of what is possible,
  • Go-live support: we will be available during go-live so that any last minute issues and changes can be handled perfectly with minimum impact.

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We are developers too

“I’m a developer myself, so I perfectly understand what the needs of our agencies’ technical teams are. Actually, we are continually developing our in-house, centralised deployment and configuration management systems. These allow us to quickly deploy complete environments in the shortest time-frames.”

“A while back a radio-commercial for a campaign that hadn’t even been put online was broadcast. You can imagine the chaos at our customer, the agency. They called us and we managed to put a hosting environment online within one hour, that’s real fast.“

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