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With managed cloud hosting, you get the flexibility and peace of mind you need to focus on your business. With a cloud service broker like Skyscrapers, you get the best cloud computing expertise. Scalable and high availability hosting, exactly what you need, when you need it.

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SaaS, high traffic websites, online business integrators, development / advertising / interactive / web agencies, startups and companies with hosting challenges.

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Skyscrapers services throughout a project's lifecycle

Cloud expertise for the full lifetime of your project or business

Talk to us at an early stage, ideally before you start with development. This way we can help you save money and effort during the full lifecycle of your projects, by helping you make the right decisions from the start. This will ensure that your application and hosting platform are both perfectly aligned, maximizing the benefits which real cloud computing has to offer: pay only for what you need at any moment, scale up and down with your business and a high level of reliability.

Consulting services on topics like

  • Requirements & hosting strategy
  • Application design for cloud
  • Cloud hosting platform design
  • Application security
  • Load testing & tuning
  • Sizing and scaling
  • High availability

Managed services

For you, the project isn’t finished when it’s live. The same goes for your cloud hosting. That’s why we’ll be keeping an eye on the full technology stack, to make sure everything keeps running as smoothly as it should.

Our managed cloud services always include:

  • Hosting management
  • Highly automated processes and tools that provide all the essentials needed to keep your cloud environment healthy (configuration management, monitoring, patching, etc)
  • Reactive services with a Service Level Agreement
  • Our expert team at work: we will investigate alerts produced by the monitoring, manage the setup and provide the necessary developer support.

Infrastructure independence

We don’t have any iron of our own to sell, so we are completely free and act as a cloud service broker. For every project, we select the best-of-breed cloud provider matching the specific needs of that project. It could be Amazon Web Services/EC2, Linode, Google Compute, another provider or even a combination. We’re happy to throw in other services too, like CloudFlare and New Relic, should it help meet the objectives of your project.

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