Working at Skyscrapers - a small Q&A

Published on November 13, 2014 by Filip Van Tittelboom

We get a lot of similar questions from applicants, so I decided to write a small Q&A from the point of view of an employee. Not that we call ourselves employees. We call ourselves team-members.

Q: Can you describe a typical day?
A: You’ll work closely with the developers of our partners; designing, deploying, managing, testing and developing their environments. You’ll answer support questions and there will be some debugging. Remember, you are dealing with other IT professionals, not end-users. You’ll actively code on our puppet and other internal tools. You’ll research and develop new technologies.

Q: I use Chef and Red Hat or [insert other technologies]. You guys have your own set of technologies I (perhaps) know nothing about.
A: Same principle, now is it? We’ll give you time to adjust. Technological skills are important, but we are looking for someone with the correct mind-set. We try to do things ‘the right’ way.

Q: At my current job I got this restricted Windows PC with IE6 connected to a very firewalled interwebz connection so that I can run their internal applications.
A: What you need is a browser and a terminal. The rest is up to you. I for one run Ubuntu. The rest of my colleagues are Mac users.

Q: Will I be placed as a ‘consultant’ somewhere at a customer and be forgotten about while your company cashes in?
A: No, you’ll be working on mutual projects as well as internal infrastructure. You’ll become part of the team where we’ll expect your input.

Q: Why don’t you guys issue a car?
A: We do everything remote, so you won’t need one to do your job. You can avoid traffic altogether because you can work from home or from a coworking space near you!

Q: Does my skill in Ping Pong affect my salary?
A: As far as I am concerned… Yes, yes it does. Thankfully, I don’t call the shots.

Q: What’s the boss-man like?
A: Frederik doesn’t consider himself the head cheese. He’s part of the team. He can be all over the place and he sometimes lacks structure. He can be brutally honest, too. He’ll always help you out if you’re in a jam. I’ve never felt like working for him. More working with him.

Q: How did things go with the newest member?
A: Mattias adjusted very well, actually. He seems relaxed and works on some cool stuff. He helped me out quite a bit with cleaning up our puppet code. You can always count on him.

More questions? Interested in joining our team? Check out the open position.

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