We're hiring again: looking for a cloud engineer!

Published on October 23, 2014 by Frederik Denkens

UPDATE: This post is no longer relevant. Check out our new Jobs page


It’s been a busy year. Last summer Mattias joined our team, but we’re again on the lookout for another Skyscraper. If you like what you read below, don’t hesitate to get in touch (see instructions below).
Skyscrapers help design, build and manage scalable, highly-available and flexible hosting platforms in the cloud. Most of our work is done using providers like Amazon Web Services and Linode. We mostly work for startups, interactive agencies and software vendors. Check out our siteteam and blog to learn more about us!
Your typical day at Skyscrapers
The role is a mix of systems-engineering and operations. A selection of the most common day-to-day tasks you’ll eventually be doing (after a period of intense coaching and training):
  • Supporting the customers development teams. This is mostly a mix of configuration changes, dev questions, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Engineering of hosting-platforms in the cloud and help customers architect their webapps to be scalable/highly-available/agile.
  • Keep the customer-applications up and running by proactively monitoring and improving the hosting-platforms.
  • Integrate various open-source software components and PaaS/IaaS-services, script automations, etc
  • Take part in the 24/7 pager-duty-rotation to respond to incidents and alerts (and think of ways to prevent them the next time). Btw, we have that very well under control thanks to the good relationship with our customers.
Update: Check-out Filip’s Q & A on working at Skyscrapers
The stuff we play with
You’ll have the opportunity to learn about and play with the following technologies:
  • Cloud providers like: Amazon Web Services (fastest growing), Linode, and more providers in the future…
  • Core of our work: Linux, Ubuntu, Puppet, Nagios, Apache, Nginx, Varnish, …
  • Various datastores: CouchDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, …
  • Support our customers development, being a mix of Node.JS, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, … (note: we don’t do development for our customers)
  • Tools like BlazeMeter, Flood.io, New Relic, etc
As a Skyscraper, you …
 The more boxes you tick, the better you’ll fit into our team. 100% is not a requirement, we’re not perfect either ;-):
  • have been active in the online business for 1 to 5 years
  • are either a sysop that understands how software get’s developed, or a developer that is ready to move over to the ops side
  • are an honest, happy, positive, kind and no-bullshit person that likes talking to and helping people.
  • know about DevOps and believe it’s the key to global peace (well, almost)
  • automate stuff.
  • have a flexible attitude whenever the job requires it (works both ways of course AND we respect working times!).
  • stay on the cutting edge of the latest and coolest on tech topics. Even better: you actively participate in the tech communities.
  • can be focused, self-organised and autonomous.
  • are comfortable and adapt well to an environment where change is a constant.
  • communicate well and write well.
  • don’t mind working remotely, with your colleagues not sitting next to you most of the time.
  • speak and write fluently in English and Dutch. French is a bonus!
What do we offer you besides a paycheck?
  • Location independence: work from home, work from a coworking space, etc with the only limitation being a timezone. Pick up your kid(s) from school.
  • A team that understands that personal life goes on during business hours. Flexibility for everybody.
  • Hospitalisation insurance (DKV)
  • Tax-free forfait for working from home of 112 EUR
  • Your own choice of weapons (laptop, smartphone, etc)
  • Mobile subscription and internet connection at home
  • If based in Belgium: meal vouchers
  • Yearly group-bonus
  • All transportation for work payed for
  • Chance to work with the newest technologies in an innovative market
A bit more on the location independence
We are taking our first steps as a decentralised company. It would be ideal that for the first 6 months your are in a location that allows easy travel to a central location for the whole team 1-3 days per week for mentoring and getting things going. Later on, we really don’t care that much anymore as long if it is not too far from the CET timezone, good internet-connectivity and allows regular physical meetups.
What will the future bring?
We are excited about what we are doing. The cloud-market just keeps on growing and so will the opportunities. As we grow, we expect that there will be plenty of interesting stuff you can dive into. It’s up to you to help shape that.
If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! Send Frederik a note (in English) about yourself, why you’d be interested in working with us, and any relevant links (blogs, twitter accounts, etc) and information (cv, etc) that can help us understand who you are.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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