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Published on February 20, 2017 by Frederik Denkens

You are passionate about open source technology, public cloud, devops and modern application architectures and workflows? Then you might be the person we’re looking for!

We are searching for a cloud engineer to join our distributed team. You will be building reliable cloud platforms, supportand advise our customers developers on the best way forward.

You’ll have the opportunity to play with these technologies:


Your job

You will join a highly technical team with various responsibilities. Initially you’ll be starting out in the Cloud Engineer role. Here you can learn our way of working, tools, technologies we use, the customers, etc.

After some months you’ll extend your activities towards our customers. You’ll become the lead engineer for our customers’ development teams. This means: providing them with advice, helping them make the right decisions, define and execute a technical roadmap, etc.

After this, you’ll be able to grow where your passion and needs lie. Within Skyscrapers we have an ongoing evolution of technical and non-technical roles to support you in that.

Some specific stuff we’ll be looking for

Be sure to check out our jobs page (“What we value”) for our general requirements. Besides those we’ll be looking out for any combination of the following:

You …

  • are a maximum of 4 timezones away from Central European Time
  • are ready to engage in a long term engagement (contractor or employee)
  • have 3 or more years of operational/sysops experience with web applications
  • are familiar with modern web-stacks, application architectures and ways of working.
  • have hands-on experience in quite some of the technologies mentioned above. But above all you have real-world experience with Puppet/Packer/Terraform/Docker/Kubernetes or similar tooling
  • know and use CI/CD for building cloud platforms
  • ‘get’ DevOps. That’s exactly the type of cooperation we have going internally and externally.
  • want to automate everything. We’re looking to achieve organisational scalability, high efficiency and consistent quality in our work. We think automation is essential here. You should too.
  • are fine participating in rotating 24/7 on-call schedule and customer service roles.

About us and what we offer

Visit our Jobs page to learn more about us and what we offer you.


If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

Apply here! and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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