Knowledge partnership between Sizing Servers and Skyscrapers

Published on September 17, 2015 by Frederik Denkens

We are happy to announce that we have started a cooperation with Sizing Servers Research Labs. A unique co-creation of knowledge between us as public cloud expert and a truly independent research lab.

Sizing Servers helps us with stress testing expertise and skills. In return we are giving back our deep knowledge about public cloud, Amazon Web Services and building cloud native applications.

Sizing Servers has the following to say about this cooperation: “In our lab we test a lot of configurations and settings on Amazon AWS, amongst other things. The purpose is to give Flemish companies independent advise to significantly lower response times of their applications and be more cost-effective. Because of this partnership we can verify our findings about optimizing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with real life cases from Skyscrapers.” says Johan De Gelas, project manager of Sizing Servers.

Off course, we as well are very pleased with this cooperation. Because we can integrate the expertise and services of Sizing Servers into our services, we can offer our clients even better public cloud services. Furthermore it confirms our position as a cloud-expert on web applications.

Download the press release here.

PS: You can already enjoy the fruit of our cooperation. We are organising a workshop “Faster & scalable web applications – in Amazon Web Services”. There are still some spots free, so be quick!

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