iLibris becomes Skyscrapers

Published on August 20, 2013 by Frederik Denkens

As announced, we’re saying goodbye to our old name and are now becoming the Skyscrapers.

Over the years we’ve seen our business evolve, the hosting-world is changing. Cloud computing is becoming the norm. We, as a company, want to remain at the forefront of where the market is heading. That’s why we believe the time is right to go all-in on cloud.

For us, Skyscrapers is a logical evolution and continuation of our company. For 17 years we’ve been doing hosting and finding the best solutions for our customers. And that’s exactly what we’ll keep on doing. Two and half years ago, we started offering infrastructure-independent solutions (based on Linode). Since then we’ve grown a lot.

With Skyscrapers we bury old-style hosting for ever and exclusively go for the cloud. We’ve expanded our offering to make available even more expertise and cloud providers (like Amazon Web Services), so you too can enjoy the benefits of real cloud computing. Our new name is the final step in confirming this vision.

Our existing customers will only notice positive changes because of this increase in focus.

So be prepared to enjoy a fresh wind, the Skyscrapers are coming!

Visit our new site and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter (@skyscrapers)!

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