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The cloud has been around for a while now - and you’re probably already using it. Think of applications as a service: mail, your CRM, files. All on demand and accessible, wherever you go and whenever you want. Beneath all that, cloud computing is at work.

Cloud computing or Infrastructure-as-a-Service, provide all the building blocks (compute cycles, storage, network, services, etc) as a service over the network. On-demand, highly flexible and pay-as-you go. You don’t have to invest in or commit to long term contracts anymore. Ultimately you will enjoy a better customer experience at a lower cost than with typical hosting.

Cloud = Reliable

Cloud computing enables highly available setups at low cost. Thanks to the extreme flexibility and endless choice of location, provider and building blocks, it’s easy to achieve reliable and highly available cloud hosting at a fraction of the cost compared to typical hosting. Above all: it is already running many mission critical applications and sites. It should run yours too.

Cloud = Scalable

With cloud computing you handle demand perfectly without losing customers or paying too much. Have you ever had an unexpected spike in visitor traffic which resulted in your site going down and visitors being lost? Maybe you haven’t, but then you’re probably paying too much for the time when you don’t need the overcapacity. With cloud computing you only pay for what you need at any time.

Why cloud chart - cloud versus traditional hosting

With cloud computing you only pay for what you need at any time

Predicted demand Actual demand Traditional hosting Automated cloud capacity

Cloud = Perfect for every business

The extreme flexibility of cloud computing offers endless possibilities. It will enable your business to reach it’s ambitious goals. The amount of choice can be overwhelming and making the right decision is not easy.

We believe every business should focus on what they’re good at. We want you to focus on your business, the quality of your service and products. Let Skyscrapers be your guide in making hosting in the cloud work for you. That’s why we’re here.


Did you know that getting your cloud aligned with your needs at an early stage is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to save money?

Find out why!

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